Why Should We Celebrate Halloween Party The MBP Way?

The “Ber Months” has come and I couldn’t wait until our 2nd MBP Halloween Party!
Why am I so excited?
I am excited to see my mommy blogger friends and their kids.
I am excited to make my little girl’s halloween costume.
This year she requested to be Maddie Hatter or My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash.
Since the theme of our #mbphalloween2016 is Mad Hatter, Ashley chose to be Maddie Hatter the daughter of Mad Hatter in Ever After High.
I also made her a special hat. (I learn to do this by watching Youtube DIY mad hatter hat)
I am always fascinated about Halloween Party. I love to see kids in their cute costume holding their pumpkin pail and asking everyone “trick or treat?”. Oh you have to be ready with those candies you dont want to be tricked with these kids. Either way you will submit to them because you will fall for their cuteness in costume.
This Halloween, Mommy Bloggers Philippines celebrated their Trick or Treating at The Mind Musuem. What I love about “Halloween Party the MBP way” is that these mommy bloggers always give their best to make the event  a fun filled day.
Look at our eye catching balloon facade. Amazing isn’t?
This is made by Okasyon Filipinas.
The event is hosted by our hard working and dedicated Mommy Bloggers Philippines Admins
Louisa Mercado, Lani Lyutz, and Joy Gurtiza.
A very special presentation from the kids of MBP admins as they dance to the tune of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.
I am so happy to be with my blogger friends and their kids on their halloween costumes.
Reylen Castro of Made It Through Mom as the Mother Mad Hatter, Ashley Namilit as Maddie the daughter of Mad Hatter. Rylee as Princess Aurora, Yssa as Sulley of Monsters Inc. and The Mad Hatter Himself.
We also enjoy taking our halloween wacky shots at Peekabooth.
There are alot of freebies, raffles, and major prizes for the best Halloween Costume for boy and girl and for the special hat.
Ashley and I, participated and had alot of fun during the contest. We would like to congratulate all the winners in this event.
Luckily, I won a Monster High Hair Braider for Ashley. She is very happy with what we have received.
Thank you Rich Prime for the Halloween Toy Prizes you never fail to make kids smile eventhough it is not Christmas yet. So generous in giving toys to kids and kids at heart.
We have given light lunch by Mekeni Picnic Hotdog. And honestly speaking I had eaten 4 Jumbo Hotdogs because it was so delicious.
Then the best part of the Halloween Party has come which is the Trick or Treat Time for Mommies and Kids!
I would like to thank all the sponsors for giving us alot of products that we can try and share to our friends and family.
 The party doesn’t end without groupy shots…
We would like to thank our Mommy Bloggers Philippines Admins for making this Halloween 2016 happen.
Thank you The Mind Museum for makinv our 2nd Halloween Venue and for the All The Pass for free!
I think you know why we should celebrate our Halloween the MBP way!
Till next Halloween Trick or Treat!
“Happy Halloween To All”
The Mind Museum
Tupperware Tupperware products https://goo.gl/qK3sRt
Baby products
Okasyon Filipinas (Balloon décor) https://www.facebook.com/okasyonfilipinas
Stuffink (MBP keychains) https://www.facebook.com/mareelaiza
Glass of Sweets: Desserts and Treats (dessert table) for reference to product: https://goo.gl/U9GiFYhttps://www.facebook.com/glassofsweets/
Recipe Co (themed cake and cupcakes by stage) https://www.facebook.com/Recipe-Co-1520078788275118/

Work of Love (demented cupcakes in dome containers) https://www.facebook.com/workoflove1/?ref=br_rs&qsefr=1


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