A Daily Dose of Energy with Nutri 10plus for School Ready Kids

Is your child ready for school? Do they have enough energy to make it through their day?
What should moms do to help them get the full energy and the right nutrients they need but still on a budget?
I have two children. Kuya Allen, a pre- teen, and Ashley, a preschooler. They have different activities everyday. But how can I keep them stay healthy and energetic everyday.
The needs of a teenager is totally different from the needs of a preschooler. So, do I need different kinds of vitamins for them? Oh no! That would be an extra cost on my budget.
Frown not mommies, because I have found a solution to this.
NUTRI 10 PLUS Syrup 
(Sports Active Formula)
It is a food supplement that helps promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth & enhance brain development.
Syrup Children 1 to 9 yrs: 2.5 mL; 10 to 12 yrs: 5 mL daily.
May be taken with or without food: May be taken w/ meals for better absorption or if GI discomfort occurs.
Nutri 10 Plus 120 mL x 1’s (P160.00/bottle)
250 mL x 1’s (P290.00/bottle)
Problem solve as I have found Nutri10 Plus for Ashley and Allen’s daily dose of energy they need for school ready kids.
Ashley is ready for school because of Nutri10 Plus with yummy ponkan flavor that she really like.
Thank you Nutri10 Plus!
Try Nutri10Plus Syrup for your kids too! Dahil Aktibo’t Malakas and batang Nutri10Plus!
Available in all leading drugstores nationwide.
For more information and updates just go to Wert Philippines on Facebook.

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