Ashley’s Birthday Staycation at The Belmont Hotel

20160720_171002My daughter Alyssa Ashley Namilit just turned 5 last July 20, 2016 and we have recently celebrated her birthday at Belmont Hotel.


At Belmont Hotel Manila, you’re right at the heart of enjoyment, entertainment, and relaxation, with the bustling Pasay City as your backdrop.

Located within the vibrant Newport City and adjacent to the Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), this 4-star hotel is the perfect point for her birthday celebration to relax after a hectic week.

A month before her birthday I gave her options for her celebration. She chose to have a staycation just like what we did with her brother’s birthday which we have stayed at Ace Hotel and Suites last week.

And very timely, her ninong has a unit at Belmont Hotel and he offered this as a birthday gift for Ashley. Being a unit owner, he has 30 nights stay priviledge.

The regular rate per night at Belmont Hotel is P4,480 net only (hotel tax is not yet included) for the superior room. However, if you wanted to make a reservation he is offering it for much lower fixed rate. You must book 2-3 weeks in advance prior to check in date for availability and validation. A refundable deposit of P2,000 should be paid at the hotel as a bond for any incidentals during the stay. You may claim it in full upon check out.

The hotel receptionists are pretty and accommodating. The hotel lobby is quite small and lack of seats for the guests. I hope they might do something about this next time as they just on their soft opening stage.


The place is nice and cozy. Simple yet somehow inviting, I mean it is pleasing to the eyes.


Then there is the Cafe Belmont at the left side of the hotel desk. Their buffet rate is 900. I haven’t tried it since we have already booked a dinner buffet at Maxim’s for only 400 pesos and below 5 years old is free of charge. (Pictures and other details posted at the bottom of the blog post).

Our room is at the right corner 2nd floor.

Hotel Key Card
Photo grabbed at Belmont Hotel Website

This is our actual room and it is simple yet relaxing.


We just stay for a while to give Ashley my another birthday gift. Can you guess what it is? It is soft and smells sweet cupcakes.

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Then we went to the rooftop for a nice swim at their swimming pool.

Photo Grabbed at Belmont website: Night Scene


The pool is quite small but not crowded. It think most of the guests here prefer to go to Casino as it is just walking distance from the hotel. Well its a good thing because we can swim freely.

On her way to the roof top
Adult pool and jacuzzi on the right back corner.
Kiddie Pool. Can you see the green light? That is the pool heater.


What I like about their swimming pool is it has heater. And that is what I am looking for as Ashley easily gets cold. Most outdoor swimming pools that I have tried were cold through out the day and no heaters available. That is why we are happy with Ace Hotel and Suites at first because Ashley can swim for as long as 4 hours. Now she really did enjoy swimming at Belmont at anytime of the day. So to all parents whose kids that are easily get cold, I highly recommend this hotel because their pool has heater.

There are 2 life guards at the mini bar. I think they are also the bartenders. Outside food and drinks are allowed. You can order at the counter you if want. You may also borrow kick board for the kids. And towels are also available. The CR is ok they have 3 cubicles and 3 shower rooms.

Then at dinner, we were assisted by my landlady who has a contact with Maxim’s. She we bought 2 dinner buffet vouchers that costs P400 each. Ashley is still free of charge. Dinner buffet normally cost P1,200 and available from 6pm to 10pm at Maxim’s 5th floor Resorts World Manila.

This year we get to celebrate their birthdays intimately. I find it so relaxing and I am craving for more of this. I am so happy my children chose to have a birthday staycation because I can spend my time with them just relaxing.

So if you want to spend your special day or just wanted to have a break on your busy week. I recommend to book at The Belmont hotel. (You may contact me if you want to avail of the special rate).

For more information about The Belmont Hotel you may visit their website:


Belmont Hotel Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City
Pasay City, 1309

Phone Number: +632-3188888
For room
For restaurant


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