Ballet First Position: The Halili Cruz School of Ballet Bloggers Conference

What comes to your mind when you heard the word ballet? Do you think of pink tutu dresses, ballet flat shoes, fine young ladies dancing gracefully in a classical music?

Do you once dream to be a ballerina? Or you wish that your little girl to become one?


What does Ballet means and what is it all about?

Ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body. It is theatrical performed on a stage to an audience utilizing costumes, scenic design and lighting. It can tell a story or express a thought or emotion. An artistic dance full of emotions and passion.

When I was in Elementary at Santa Isabel College, they taught us ballet positions during P.E. Class. They did that to teach us proper posture and discipline. It was part of our fundamental exercise.

On July 18, 2016  The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet and TAG Media invited Bloggers for their first Bloggers Conference held at their main studio in Quezon Avenue.


Members of Media and Bloggers with The Associate Artistic Directors Grace Garalde-Perez and Anna Kathrina Halili-Cruz Bueno.

This conference is beneficial for me as I am looking forward to continue my daughter’s ballet lesson.

She took ballet lesson last year as a summer workshop. But this year she tried Baby Hiphop. I can see that she really loves dancing but I need to find out what suits her best and be constant with it. And offcourse, considering what her heart truly wants.

This conference is very timely, because I have a chance to know more about other ballet school first before I decide to enroll my child.

When looking for a ballet school you must first consider the

1. Foundation

artistic team

Shirley Halili Cruz’s inspiration to endeavor into dance education began as early as when she was 15 years old, when her ballet teacher Bonnie Weinstein Clalagopi entrusted to her the dance classes that Ms. Clalagopi was handling. She taught ballet, Polynesian and Jazz in Siena College, St. Paul College and Angelicum School, Quezon City in 1974. From then on, she has taken the career path as a ballerina and as an educator.
The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet (HSCB) was established in 1985 to realize Shirley’s dream to share her love and passion for dance. The school was born of her conviction that in every child lies a bud of artistic sense that may blossom into a great and exquisite artistry. HCSB opened with 46 students but is now a talents galore about a thousand promising dance aspirants.
2. Location and The School Structure
HCSB Building Facade
The HCSB main studio is housed in an imposing two-storey edifice of modern architecture located at 1227 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. It has 4 spacious studios (3 of which are fully air-conditioned) equipped with ideal barres, resilient wooden floors, full-length mirrors and audio systems, dressing rooms, rest and shower rooms, waiting area, ample parking space and canteen.  It also has a dance shop that carries all dance items and a costume room.  The school has a good collection of classical music and videos of classical dances.

School QuadrangleStudio 1studio 5

What I like about it is that it was easy to find. Indeed accessible to public transportation. Although I am from Villamor Air Base, Pasay City it is convenient for us to travel going to HCSB and back.

1. I may ride a train at MRT Taft then get off to Quezon Avenue Station and ride a jeep going to Fishermall. The school is easy to spot because it is located along the Quezon Avenue just tell the driver to drop you off Halili.
2. I may ride a shuttle service at Resorts World going to Mcdonalds Panay QC. Then jeep going to Fishermall. (You need to be a RW Membership Card Holder to be able to use the service. I have save 56 pesos back and forth).


This is very important for us parents and specially to our children. A free trial with an actual lesson will help us parents to check our child’s level of interest, the number of students in a class, the relationship of the teachers to their students, the lessons, and will our they enjoy and gain from it.

I am the type of parent that is “Segurista” I want to make sure the worth of what I paid for. I want to check first if this school and the lesson suit for her. Especially for those parents who let their kids to join ballet class as early as 3 years old.

Check out their free lesson with HCSB Ballet Baby 2.

In Ashley’s previous school they did not offer a free trial or assessment. They just depend on the age of the child. Once you interested you need to pay the workshop fee in full. So if your child doesn’t want to participate or go to class anymore you cannot get a refund.

That’s the good thing about free trial and once they give it to you no string attached.


In order to provide an appropriate and comprehensive program, Shirley Halili-Cruz, the school’s director and founder authored a 2 level Tiny Tots Syllabus, 5 level Baby Ballet Syllabus and a 12 level Classical Ballet Syllabus based on the Filipino physique, innate artistic ability and culture.

The syllabi cover the different levels of ballet which the HCSB offers all year round.  Aside from the syllabi authored by Shirley, the school enhances its program by letting its faculty and students attend different local and international dance workshops, festivals and competitions. They also developed a systematic promotion procedure that checks the progress of the students through semi-annual oral and written examination coupled with actual evaluation in both theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline.

Teen Ballet Beginners 13-16 yrs old
Pre Ballet Beginners 7-12 yrs old
Baby Ballet 1 Beginners 5-6 yrs old
Tiny Tots 1 Beginners 3-4 yrs old
Adult Ballet Beginners 17 – 60 yrs old
Classical Balley
Beginners Ballet
Mastering & Sharing the Craft they try to give back by giving workshops to schools and local government units


Spectacular Event Performances


4. Teachers are Highly Properly Trained.

The good thing about HCSB is that they are staffed by competent teachers who are all one with the director in the vision to equip its student with tools and rudiments of the art uphold excellence in dance training.


Consistency. Your child will be taught by the same teacher every session since day 1. This build trust and comfort between the teacher and student. Just like a second home in which the relationship is like a family.


Since this is a school not just a summer workshop for kids. It is best to get to know the Directors and Teachers.


Artistic Team:

Artistic Director: Shirley Halili-Cruz
Senior Ballet Teachers: Grace Garalde-Perez
Anna Lissa Tuazon-Balmadrid
Anna Kathrina Halili-Cruz


Junior Ballet Teachers: Marie Antoinette de Guzman
Gabrielle Alexis Quinto
Anna Franchesca Cabreza
Julia Camile Mazo

5. Ballet School List of Accomplishment and Awards.

You can tell the quality of a ballet school from its “Output” or performances and achievements of the students.

All of the ballerinas dance gracefully and dedication.

And right before my very eyes I saw how beautiful they’ve dance. Even in just a small live conference each and every ballerinas dance majestically.

Here is a video clip of their live performance:

The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet has garnered more than 300 national and international awards and prizes, among them are:

  • Hall of Fame,  Aliw Award  as Best Classical Dance Company in the Philippines
  • 8- time Ani ng Dangal Awardee for its international achievements
  • People’s Choice as the Most Outstanding Performing Group
  • Grand Prize Winner in the Asia Pacific Dance Competition in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines
  • Grand Prize Winner in the 21st Century International Dance and Arts Festival and Competition in Genting Highlands, Malaysia
  • First Prize in the Dance Excellence in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Global Excellence Award in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Best Performance in classical and contemporary dance in the Bauhinia Cup International Dance Competition in Hongkong
  • Global Pinoy Award


6. Reviews, Feedbacks, Based on Experiences.

We are very lucky that we are already in the advance computer age. That everything you need to know is just a click of a button. You don’t need to go to places and ask people personally about their views and experiences. Today, social media gives us vast information. There are blogs, articles, Facebook reviews, and testimonies on HCSB website.

Well, I am just lucky that one of the bloggers at the conference has been their student and that is Armi Paz Pineda. She shared to us her wonderful experience at HCSB and how she strive on her own just to enroll and pursue her passion in Ballet.

She advise us to start young and she can see that my daughter will be a ballerina someday.

7. Ballet Uniforms, Class Schedule and Tuition Fees.

We must bear in mind that high quality education and dance classes like this doesn’t come cheap. However, I must say that HCSB is affordable or let me say “Sulit ang ibabayad mo”.

Look at the uniforms and the quality of the fabric. The designs are unique and oh so cute!

Baby Ballet 1 Set (tutu with skirt, leotards, ballet shoes) costs 2650
Cutesie Baby Ballet Uniforms

 Tuition Fee

For Beginners 5-6 years old


Once a week 8500 per sem

2-3 a week 9500 per sem

Registration fee is 600

It is so affordable unlike other ballet schools they offer 8 sessions twice a week for P3500 or higher.

I am definitely going to enroll Ashley in this school. But wait there’s more…

We, mommy bloggers also got to tried their special ballet lesson. Check out our video courtesy of my daughter, Alyssa Ashley.

Oh my, I thought ballet is easy. Because when I look at my daughter doing body stretching she still got a smile on her face. But I need to do this so that my daughter has something to look forward to. That her mommy isn’t afraid or shy to try anything. Just do it and do it with all your heart.

Thank you and I salute my fellow mommy bloggers who have stretched those hard-earned baby fats with me 😜.

And tears almost fall down 😢 when I heard my little girl said in the video”My mommy is really good”. I love it when my daughter is very proud of me and that she appreciates me a lot. Thank you again HCSB for giving me this opportunity.

My eyes got bigger and my heart is jumping for joy when they gave us free one month ballet class as a token for celebrating their 30 years of Excellence.

Thank you so much Halili Cruz School of Ballet for being so generous it was a perfect birthday gift for my daughter 2 days after the conference.


And this year, Halili Cruz School of Ballet is ready to show their excellence. The competition will take place at the Sands Casino Theater in Macau on August 18 – 21, 2016.


Starting Young In Good Hands

Enroll now. Help your kid excel and realize their passion with Halili Cruz School of Ballet.

Business Address:          

Main Studio

1227 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City Philippines 1100


St. Pedro Poveda College, Quezon City

Miriam College, Quezon City

St. Mary’s College, Quezon City

Ayala Alabang Country Club, Muntinlupa

For more details, visit their website and social networking sites:

FB page: Halili Cruz FB page

Instagram: @halilicruzballet

Email Address:



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