The Bellevue Hotel Kids Club Grand Launch


The Bellevue Manila recently held their Kids Club Grand Launch on June 19, 2016. Each guest has been given a unique passport for the event.


Sponsors are Poundit, Belobaby, Faber Castell, Carmens Best.

Free Belo Baby Bar Soap. I love the scent and it is organic which is safe for babies skin.


Beyond Destinations: Distinctive Experiences

Create lasting memories and have a satisfying hotel experience at The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts, with each of its property boasting of its own unique identity. The Bellevue Manila provides a wonderful city staycation in Alabang while its counterpart in Bohol, The Bellevue Bohol, welcomes you into an exciting beach bliss. B Hotel Alabang enhances city living for the discerning business traveler while B Hotel Quezon City takes pride in modern living through its unique interiors. What makes these four properties a true mark of The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts is the kind of service that guests will surely have – a true Filipino hospitality that the culture is globally known for.

The ambiance of the event is a traditional filipino culture. Which is a great idea bringing back the distinct Filipino tradition. It is a good way to show to our children what are the traditions, dance, food, and clothing before their ipads and cellphone years.

Indak Lahd’s rendition of popular Philippine folk dances from the different regions that entertains all the guest.


Museo Pambata held a shadow play based on how Ferdinand Magellan set foot to the Philippines after having Enrique in a slave barter.

The magic behind the shadow play 🙂


Bellevue also had an exciting games and raffle for all the guest.

Winners of “Bring Me” game.
Winners of Limbo Rock Game. Yes oh yes you are so right it is me at the middle. I never expect that I still have a flexible body after gaining so much weight from my 2nd child. The prize is a cool black messenger bag.

This is how I do the Limbo.. Limbo Rock.

Winners of You PoundIt Raffle. Lucky day they have cool gadget accessories.
This game is so heart pounding because of the time pressure. Moms are so good when in comes to dressing up their kids in a fast forward way as “Maria Goes To Town” game is on.


Winners of Maria Goes To Town game. Yey Ashley won! The girl with the butterfly eyes.
Pizza Parlour Set as her prize.
Coloring Activity from Faber Castell. They have to show a completed art sheet.
Color pens, pencils, ball pens reward from Faber Castell
This little girl of mine. Never afraid to try anything as long as she is happy. Butterfly eyes face painting.

After completing the event passport it will be exchange with a loot bag full of goodies.

Kids and parents enjoying their art activity.

The fun part never ends because you and your kids can experience more of this when you sign them up at Bellevue Kids Club. And what is more exciting than that? Signing up is free. Just click or copy the link on your browser.

Bellevue Manila is currently having a contest and they are looking for adorable kids to be their first ever “Be The Face of Bellevue Kids Club”. Your child can be their model below is the requirement to be able to join.


We are so thrilled to announce that they will be extending the “Be The Face Of Bellevue Kids Club Contest”!


*Submission of entries is extended until JUNE 30, 2016
*Winners will be announced on JULY 13, 2016

What are your waiting for be a Bellevue guest and get your child a chance to be the face of the Bellevue Kids Club for just staying and relaxing on this 5 star hotel.

Alyss Ashley Namilit (TV Commercial Model) promoting The Bellevue Kids Club.
Hosted by: Michelle Ressa-Aventajado of Momma ‘n Manila.


Or check out their Facebook page at



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