Great Image Promo #MeetMyNanay

Looking for a nice place to treat your Mother on her special day?  Although Mother’s day had passed, make everyday a special day for her. Why not take her to a photo session? Or if you are a mom, take your kids at Great Image and let your special moments be captured and make it last for a life time. Be funny, silly, cute, seriously or even seriously funny.

Days after mothers day. I decide to make it our first terno moments with my little girl, Ashley. We went shopping for our terno dresses and head to Great Image to capture our moments together.

IMG_7964 m

IMG_7966 m

IMG_7982 m


Looking at these photos, I can see that my little girl had so much fun. I am so proud that I made her like this enjoying her childhood in an extraordinary way. By the way, she is a tv commercial model of Gardenia and product endorser of Enfagrow A+. With these photos our memories during her childhood will remain and we can look back when she have grown up. She will see how she looks like when she was young and all the memories of it. And I hope that when she will have a family of her own in the far future, she will tell great stories about me with these “Great Images” of us. I hope she will do the same to her children as I’ve did to her.

So what are you waiting for. Take this chance to have a photo of you and your mom for only 20 pesos!

Upload a photo with your mom and get the chance to win as much as Php 10,000.


Here’s how:

  1. Register through this we’ll send you an email through your registered email address.
  2. Print a copy of the email and visit our studio. Have a complete portrait session and 3R photo with the soft copy for only 20 pesos!
  3. With your phone, take a picture of your 3R photo print or upload your soft copy at our Facebook page and share your nanay’s story.
  4. Tag us @greatimageph and use the hashtag ‪#‎MeetMyNanay. Get a chance to win the following:


GRAND PRIZE – Php 10,000 plus Great Image GC worth Php 3,000

2ND RUNNER UP – Php 5,000 plus Great Image GC worth Php 2,000

3RD RUNNER UP – Php 3,000 plus Great Image GC worth Php 1,000

7 CONSOLATION WINNERS – Great Image GC worth Php 500


Promo period is from May 4 – 31, 2016.

Submission of entries is until June 2, 2016

Permit No. 4382 Series of 2016



Hope you can share Great Image Video featuring Mr. Boy Abunda. You may use the following communication message below followed by the video URL and hashtag #MeetMyNanay


  1. When we love, we say words of love and thanks. We proudly introduce that person to everyone and we want to let the whole world to see and hear our loved one’s story.  #MeetMyNanay


  1. We’ve heard about so many people, this time we want to hear about the most important person in your life, your Nanay’s story. #MeetMyNanay


  1. This May, Great Image wants to Meet your Nanay and celebrate love for mothers. It’s your stories and moments with your mother that we want to capture and tell through our portraits. #MeetMyNanay




Facebook Page: greatimageph


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