Kidzania MomZ Day Celebration

THROW BACK “My Childhood”: I remember when I was a little girl, I always love to sing and act like those in the movies. I really love to immitate those secret agents doing kung fu moves and an actress up on stage. Role-playing is just for grade school projects but I love those activities. I’ve always been chosen to be a leader of the group and direct each talents.

But that is very seldom. It was just a school project. That is why, me and my childhood friends came up with a play which we can do almost everyday after school. We play that we are like candidates in a beauty pageant. Secret agents in a secret mission and our favorite “luto-lutuan” using clay pots and leaves. But as we grow older those role playing games became weekend plays only until my other playmates migrate to another country then it was completely forgotten.


I love being a mom because it gives me license to join every mom events :). I know being a mom is a toughest job on earth but once you have learned to accept it those sleepless nights and every house chores will turn out to be a family bonding time. Before I became a mom, I was so happy shopping and eating the food I wanted all by myself. Going out with friends is so much fun and all I think about is where I am going this weekend.

Then the time comes that

I became a mother.

I realized that I enjoy more on teaching and playing with my kids. Buying the things that they like and let them choose what they want to eat. When you are already a mom you will not only think about yourself. You will now think and do what is best for your kids.

Kids are so luck nowadays. Amazing people have created amazing things to equip the children on their future. And they came up with a dream city which they can play and do the things that adults do. Amazing isn’t?

So Kidzania Manila was born and they have a special something that moms would like to do to bring back their old times on their special day. Moms get a chance to do role playing with their kids inside Kidzania.


Today, May 8,2016, Mothers day is a dream come true for me. This is our 4th time in Kidzania and I am looking forward for more. How I wish I could join them inside aside from being so happy stage mom for them taking unlimited pictures.

My kids woke up early this day, their long wait is over. Well we have planned that we will celebrate Mothers day at Kidzania.

On our way to Kidzania via BGC Shuttle



Collage 2016-05-08 11_08_26

Their excitement never ends specially when they knew that being a Kidzania Naturalized Citizen would give them freebies only for today on Mothers Day.


Mcdonalds Sundae for free! For mommy 😛 there’s two of them so I got 2 sundaes…well for sharing.


Then is it also Ashley’s lucky day because her pazzport has been upgraded to DISTINGUISHED CITIZEN (after 30 stamps on pazzport) she is looking forward to be HONORABLE CITIZEN and maybe join the Congrezz when she turns 7 years old.

So another freebie on her new pazzport.


I got to play with Ashley at the Salon. I am the customer and Ashley will do my nails.



Also, I would like to take this chance to greet and thank Ms. Kristine Boone for letting us have a special discount. Zank U!

Thank you so much Kidzania Manila for having this special treats for Mothers. I really really enjoy and thankful that I have celebrated my special day here…

Where kids do big things..



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