The Milo Summer Sports Clinics Way of Building Champions



MILO Sports Team had held a Summer Sports Clinic at The City Club at Alphaland Ayala Avenue, Makati last March 12, 2016 at 10:00 in the morning.


The Summer Sports Clinics is a nationwide program held by various organizations to help us promote grassroots sports development in our country in a fun, unique, and scienrifix way. Now for more than three decades, MILO has sponsoredthe clinics with one aim: to introduce kids to the many benefits of sport. They are offering, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Ice Skating, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming,  Touch Rugby, Football, Karate, Taekwondo, Bowling, and Tennis. This year they are happy to offer three additional sports to their portfolio -Triathlon, Golf, and Fencing, which brings them to a total of 17 sports to choose from this summer.

Kuya Allen on Red Team trying the Table Tennis
Basketball Training


Soccer Play


Ashley trying to do egg roll in Gymnastic ang it turns out that she is good at it. Now, I know where I should enroll her.





So why do you need to engage your child into sports? As proven by research, a child active in sports enriches his/her life in a number of ways. Physically, sports help the development of your child’s lifelong skills and improve their health. Socially, it is a great way for children to make friends and have fun, while honing their talents. Aside from the physical and social benefits, sports also helps your child work more effectively and develop character-forming values that will prepare them for the challenges not only in the playing field but also in their life ahead.

Meet new friends 🙂

And as your child embarks on his/her new journey, help energize his body and mind with MILO. It has ACTIV-GO -an energizing mix of PROTOMALT, which contains high quality carbohydrates; as well as vitamins and minerals. These ingredients serve as fuel for the body and the brian, so that your child is energized for physical and mental activities.

As this summer unfolds, our child enjoys his experiences of discovering their champion journey. It would be their pleasure to help you through this endeavor. As our child does so, they hope that we can help with theirs. Let Milo know your insights and comments so that they can continually inprove their program and ensure that our child gets the best training.


Free Milo choco drink 🙂 Yummy!


For more information regarding the schedules and venues of the Summer Sports Clinic you may visit

Thank you for your support and may you have the winning day ahead.

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