Mommy Mundo MOMSCHOOL Series: The Ogalala Child Development Workshop


Mommy Mundo with Ogalala presents Mommy School Series: The Ogalala Child Development Workshop at was held last July 25, 2015 at F1 Hotel, BGC from 9:30am-12noon.


Ashley, my 4-year old daughter, and I got up early to make sure we are ahead of time for the event. For I know, this will help us a lot understanding our learning methods together. What kind of a learner is she and what more can I add up in my lesson plan at home for her.

Upon registration we were given mini umbrella as one of their promotion and awesome Ogalala time Magazine with activity sheet, and gift certificates.




While they are still setting up the stage, children are free to play with other kids, draw, color, and investigate the toys on the table at the stage area.



The venue was comfortable, child safe, very organize (I can tell because some mommy bloggers said that they are so relax, the AC is just right,and their kids can just run around with out them nagging).

The first speaker of the event is none other than Ogalala’s Teacher Maia Tanedo 🙂

Teacher Maia Tanedo and Janice Mundo (Mommy Mundo)
Teacher Maia Tanedo and Janice Mundo (Mommy Mundo)


As parents, do you feel that you need to learn some skills to better teach you child at home?

Do you ask yourselves… What can I teach my child? How can I ensure my child is learning? How can I support my child as he/she learns in school?

EVERY CHILD IS UNIQUE. And each learns at his or her own pace. Children LEARN through PLAY— That’s a FACT!

You know your child best! Must REFLECT: What kind of learner is my child?

Know how you can teach your child.

Select the appropriate  materials for your child.

Make learning more enjoyable for your child.


Why Ogalala? The Company recognizes that: PARENTS WANT THEIR CHILDREN TO BE HAPPY AND FULFILLED. Ogalala is here to support and assist parents in this goal.

What is Ogalala? from the term OGALLALA -noun (oh-ga-la-la) definition. An ancient Native American term for an underwater irrigation system.

11781723_1157877604238944_6966168623297648798_n (1)


For them children must be WARM. LIGHT HEARTED. CURIOS. GLOBAL.

WARM – Start a happy childhood with health and ample of love and attention.

CURIOUS – Encourage a continuous love for learning and holistic development.

LIGHT HEARTED – provide a relax environment to play, imagine and explore.

GLOBAL- Expose them to different cultures to give them confidence in school, family, and global society.

What kind of Learner is your child?



Did you know that? The first sense to develop in babies is hearing because they begin to pick up noises in the womb as early as the Third Trimester of pregnancy. So start them young!

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Did you know that?

Writing grip development begins as early as 12 months with a simple palm grasp that helps to build fine and gross motor skills. 

That is why there are pencils that the body is triangular in shape. It was made that way in purpose so that the little hands of our children forced to do the tripod grip. That is the correct way to hold the pencil or other writing materials. Teacher Maya told as a story that on of her student is not eager to write or sometimes wrote few notes but easily gives up. She found out that the way that the child holds his pencil is incorrect that is why it becomes painful for him writing even a short period of time. So teacher Maya gave a him a triangular pencil. The hand writing was improve although he is still writes slowly.

Another story about gadgets vs actual writing…

Teacher Maya said that there this kinder student who aces the quizzes on all of his subjects. But the thing is he doesn’t want to write. He knows all the letters, numbers, colors, and more however he hates writing. So teacher talked to the mother of the student and found out he is glued on his Ipad. The mother said that all the applications that would help his child in learning was downloaded on the Ipad even the letter tracing. But can you tell why his son doesn’t want to write although he aces the class? Simply because what the student use for coloring, drawing, selecting, and event tracing on his Ipad is his Pointer Finger! Yes it is! but can you actually use your finger writing with a pencil on a sheet of paper? No.. that is why you need to practice your child to hold a pencil or crayon so he would learn the proper way of writing and master it. Make sense right?


Teacher Maya said that one of her student is a Tactile learner. It is not easy for teachers to teach students because not all student are the same kind of learners. She teaches her student the skip counting by 2 that time. She tried some techniques like read aloud with visual aids, flash cards, etc. Still the student can’t memorize it. So they went to the playground and she draw circles on the ground and label it 1-10. So she started at 2 and skips on 4, 6, 8, 10. She ask her student to do the same way. Going back to their classroom her student already memorizes the skip counting by two’s.

Tactile learners are stimulated through movements to fully understands the lesson. This kids are not hyper active at all they are just simply active and playful as it is their way of expressing themselves and learn from it.  But it is good that you are aware about your child. If some cases that he is hyper active in an unusually way having him checked with the doctor’s expertise would be a great help.

Did you know that?

Play time should be more than toy time! It becomes enjoyable for kids when there is actual people, objects, or movement involved during play. 

The best way to stimulate your baby’s brain development is by exposing him to a variety of experiences involving all his senses.

One tip of choosing the right toy for your child are products that let you use it for multi-functions. 

Social and emotional development is a skill often left out when we teach our kids. But actually, kids starts cooperative play at 2 years. Nurture this development to raise a loving child.

Some exercise that Ogalala teaches our children. The power of team work and taking turns by building a tower using blocks. There goes my brave daughter, Ashley, wearing blue shirt always volunteering whenever there is an activity up on stage.




The second speaker is Teacher Gabby Limjoco of PlayWorks and moms will learn techniques and strategies to teach their kids through play while spending happy times with them. They’ll also pick up practical tips on how to make the most of play time.


Yehey and I also won 2 Free Play Tickets 🙂



I really learned a lot from this Momschool Event and it’s been 3 years that I am an avid fan of Mommy Mundo’s event.

What I have learned:

Every child is unique and each learns at his or her own pace. Children learn through play and that is a fact that I have learned based on my own experience and other moms shared experiences. Teaching my child to learn academics and other recreation through play base made it easy. With this I have discovered what kind of learners are my children. My son is visual learner because pictures and visual aids stimulates him and made it easier for him to memorize, while my daughter is a combination of the audio and visual. Her dominant style is audio and she is a fast learner. Given that she is not hard to handle but she easily get bored when she already know the lesson. So through playing, singing, dancing and even get messy sometimes makes it more fun. She learn not just on what has been expected to achieve but she learns a lot through play based experiences. I want my children to be happy and fulfilled.






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