DIY Homeschool: Basic Math

Since I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) I decided to DYI Homeschool my daughter to have her ready for real school.

For Mathematics Starter Guide (Numerical Form):

Number Familiarization is the key before you introduce the different kind of operations in Mathematics. I started of from 1-10 (Numerical form). She should have mastered this phase before jumping to the next 10 succeeding numbers. You will know if your child have memorized the numbers when she is can tell the which is which. You may do a short exercise such writing down some numbers 1-10 on a paper. First do it in a chronological order so that your child will be familiar with the correct order of the numbers. To test if she order mastered it you may do other exercise by writing the numbers and jumble it. Ask your child to point the number that will be asks. DYI flashcards will be much fun too. You may also do a before and after mini quiz.

Before and After Mini Quiz
           Before and After Mini Quiz

For Mathematical Operation (Addition):

We are all familiar with the number line, right? This is a line which helps us solve simple addition and subtraction when we are in grade school. You can also introduce some simple addition even if your child doesn’t know how to write the numbers. As I have said, the key is familiarization. But it is best that your child knows already how to write the numbers so he can solve simple math operation on paper.

11739559_1153237814702923_1537857053_n 11774646_1153237924702912_387314844_n

Teach your child the concept of addition by simply adding one or plus one ( +1). How did you get 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. so on and so forth. Why is 0 the first number in the number line and then 1 next is 2? These numbers don’t just get in to their places, what if your curios child ask why is number 2 next to 1? Why is number 9 there why can number 7 be on its place? You  just don’t jump to the conclusion that these numbers are already there a long long time ago or that’s the way it goes. You must teach them why it is there.

The gap on each and every number is plus 1. Point your finger on number 1 and pretend that your finger jumps on number 2 (see the red arrow curve lines above 5-7 picture number 2). So you got 2 because you have jump once from 1.

I use this number line as a guide for doing simple addition. 3 + 1 = ? Point your finger on number 3 is you add 1 on it your finger have to jump only once on the next number. Make it exciting by having them point it by themselves.

Start Addition by (plus one +1). In my case I use the Kumon Module of my son before and photo copy it for more exercises. Start the quiz by (plus one +1). Make 5-8 number question per page but please make sure that the answer is only from 1-10. For example:

1 +  1 =

2 +  1 =

3 +  1 =

4 +  1 =

5 +  1 =

Again mastery. Do not pressure your child. If you see that he is having difficulties in answering do not spoon feed the answer. Refer him to the number line. For 5 + 1 = ? let him point at number 5 if you add only one to it he has to jump only once to the next number and what did he got? He has to solve on his own do not let your child squeeze of the answer from you. 10-15 minutes per day in the morning and night is our routine everyday. And if you can’t have it twice a day. Just do it once per everyday religiously. Once you have notice that he answers all the question fast. You may introduce him by adding 2 or +2. Do not set that he has to know it right away. Again MASTERY is the key.

11703084_1150900448269993_3383000627121494305_n 11751729_1150900518269986_5678794004239515906_n

You will be surprise that it will be his daily habit and he will just solve it on his own. Hope this helps a bit. I am not an expert on teaching but this is the way or style that I knew that was suitable for my child. Every children’s learning ability is different from each other. But you can try this out if this works for you and your child. But the most important thing that your child need is time and communication. Only 10 to 15 minutes of your time per day is all he needs to learn this.

Good luck and happy learning!


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