Progress Pre-School GOLD Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day

Green Bulb Public Relations, the communications agency of Wyeth Nutrition, Progress Pre-school GOLD invited me to Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza on March 26, 2015 (Thursday), 2PM.

The email stated:

Congratulations! You are chosen to represent the Filipino moms as we all graduate to a higher standard of intelligence as we envision a progressive future. 

The commencement speech will be delivered by a Mult-achiever himself, Kuya Kim Atienza and we will be joined by multiple intelligence advocate moms Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez and Jenni Epperson.

Join us in our advocacy as we build a generation of kids who will use multiple intelligence to make a difference.”


I am so happy that I was one of the chosen mom to attend this prestigiuos event and witness the recognition of the Multi-Achiever children. 

So what are Multiple Intelligences anyway? Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1983 to help educators, psychologists and parenting experts better understand how children process and learn information.

According to Gardner’s theory, one form of intelligence is not better than another; they are equally valuable and viable (Gardner, 1983). Yet, he discovered that different cultures are biased towards and against certain types of intelligences.

Characteristics of Multiple Intelligences
Remember, we are all intelligent to varying degrees in all seven ways. Each person has a unique profile. You may be very strong in one or two intelligences, medium in a few, and perhaps weak or empty (not yet filled) in one or two. Consequently, you may have four or five intelligences that are equally developed and two that are less developed. The important thing is to identify and build on one’s strengths to modify and increase the less developed intelligences in ourselves and in children.

What Intelligences does your child possess?


(Body Smart). This child excels in more than one sport, taps or moves when required to sit still, can mimic other’s body movements/gestures, likes to touch objects, enjoys physical activities and has excellent fine-motor coordination.

(Brain Smart). This child focuses in school, enjoys reading, has an extensive vocabulary, prefers English or Social Studies over math and science, learns a foreign language with ease, is a good speller and writer, likes rhymes and puns, and communicates his thoughts well.

(People Smart). This child enjoys socializing with friends, is a natural leader, is caring, helps friends solve problems, is street-smart and understands feelings from facial expressions, gestures and voice.

The Mission of Progress Pre-School GOLD advocates the multi-dimensional way by which young children grow and develop, enabling them to realize their full potential and prepare them for lifelong learning and success.


Before the ceremony, food was served outside the Auditorium. I am with my 2 children, Ashley and Allen, during the event.
10559765_1081590145201024_8566901251153133201_n 17923_1081590395200999_7480563236962266107_n
Picture taking with Sofia Pablo – Multi-Achiever
Graduation Toga in Color Gold and Blue were given to each chosen participants and the best part is I can take it home. Yes its for FREE!
This is the list of people behind the event:
1. Eugene David – President and General Manager of Wyeth Nutrition
2. Michelle Pador – Associate Director, Communications
3. Michelle Acuna – Director for Marketing Premium
4. Rhea Villareal – Senior Brand Manager for GOLD
5. Anna Leah Faria – Senior Product Manager, GOLD Infants
6. Ma. Charina Tiburcio – Product Manager, Specials
7. Tessa Prieto-Valdez – Host
8. Mikaela Lagdameo-Martizes – MI Advocate
9. Jenni Epperson – MI Advocate
10 Kim Atienza – Guest of Honor
11. Sofia Pablo – Multi-Achiever
12. Cedric Uson – Multi-Achiever
13. Sean Cai – Multi-Achiever
14. Luis Danao – Multi-Achiever
15. Ciara Russegger – Multi-Achiever
And the best part of the event is going home well informed about Multi Intelligence and how to raise children with this special gift. I got to take home some goodies too that I can use in rewarding my children during their fruitful times of their lives.
I believe a child’s multiple intelligences can be nurtured and fostered with proper care, and this involves making sure your child is getting the nutrition he needs — all the vitamins and minerals he or she needs to grow up healthy and smart!
IMG_6790 IMG_6789 IMG_6788
Giving them Progress Pre-School Gold with Higher levels of DHA, Choline and Lutein*, Progress Pre-School will help hone your child’s #‎MultipleIntelligence‬.
My kids, Ashley and Allen, Whom I believe were Multi-Intelligent Achievers.
Allen Hale who is 11 years old, is one of the constant honor student in his Class. He also done ramp modelling last year. A music lover, good in biking, and very good in playing shooting and strategy games online. A very responsible brother also know as “Kuya Boo” he is so reliable when it comes to house chores and taking care of his little sister.
IMG_6732 Allen Hale
Alyssa Ashley is 3 years old is now a Progress Pre-School Gold user. Our ballerina princess and fast swimmer in the making. Best Actress in the family. Bibong Bata 2013 who is by the age of 2 was already confident doing ramp modelling on stage fashion shows.
10898036_1517241211870863_2213614487233907238_n 10636531_788417754535544_8388173760858162741_o 10257972_297380533803427_2837146165325516712_o 10154333_10203572799742897_3071542198877419978_n (1)
She was also featured in an International Magazine “Petite Magnifique” as the back cover for March 2014 and featured model for Halloween.
AA Ashley Ash Petite Contest
I also notice that she is good in memorization specially songs like “Tomorrow” “Isang Lahi” “Somewhere Out There” and can deliver the tune and rhythm so well. And now she already memorize the song “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso” with action. At her young age she already performed 3 mall guesting with a song number. She has been awarded as the “Bibong Batang of the Year 2013 by Baby Expo Philiipines” at SMX MOA on December 7, 2013 because of her being bibo on Color Definition, Alphabet Hand Signs, Modelling.

And as early as 6 months old I have thought her to do Baby Sign Language which is doing the standard hand gesture to communicate even before she speaks. She has been awarded as a “Kid Inventor” for being creative and discovering new games out of simple step pad. She already doing auditions for TVC using “WOW ACTING” which means that you say, do facial expression, and intonation with the word WOW in a happy, sad, confuse, angry, surprise, afraid, confident way. She was featured in TV Program Magpakailanman as the daughter of Christopher De Leon and Jean Garcia it was the climax of the story on which Ashley needs to pretend she is sleeping and cry aloud while her parents gave her away.

IMG_5554 IMG_5883 IMG_5865

And we are proud to say that we became one of the contestant in “Bet On Your Baby Season 2″ BABY ACHIEVERS” aired last December 24, 2014. And her latest TV appearance with Vice Ganda aired last April 1, 2015 It’s Showtime Holy Week Special.


She is also doing Baby Ballet at Ballet Manila and swimming lessons at Bert Lozada (Sofitel).

IMG_6570 IMG_6825

Swim Video:

Ballet Video:

With today’s world becoming more competitive and complex, what will help give your child the edge? It’s all about Multiple Intelligence.

Know more about ‪#‎MultipleIntelligence‬ here:

But wait there’s more…

Get P200 Mercury Drugstore gift certificates when you buy 1 can of Progress Pre-School Gold 1.6kg at Mercury Drugstores!


Build your child’s multiple intelligence with Progress Pre-School GOLD



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