My “Play Date Soon 2014” Experience at BabyLand

Thank you for confirming your participation to our Sunday, November 23, starting 1PM till 5PM!

We are so excited when I see this letter on my email and until this day come.

What to expect during this Play date?


Make sure to bring your yoga mat and be in your comfy yoga clothes and socks ‘coz we will be having our mommy and kids yoga session by Urban Ashram.

IMG_5274 IMG_5275 IMG_5290
Teacher Mariel of the learning basket will be talking about “Nurturing the Love for Learning” as the most basic tool to teach your children at an early age.
make it dark to add drama
We will also be learning about good play-date manners through fun activities by Molly Manners.
Don’t hesitate also to bring your bigger kids ages 4 and up ‘coz Wonderworld’s Red Toolbox will also be there to entertain them with side activities.
IMG_5281 IMG_5283
Oh and everybody is getting metallic temporary tats by Nuri+Malana, something mommies are raving about these days!
IMG_5266IMG_5272 IMG_5273
IMG_5269 IMG_5271
Bring a healthy appetite. We will be having lots of yummy snacks sponsored by Mommy Treats, Sweet Nest, Rufo’s, Gypsy Girl and Serenitea.
IMG_5288 IMG_5289 IMG_5336 IMG_5256 IMG_5258 IMG_5259

Indulge in an assortment of goodies and try everything we have prepared for you! 
We are also excited about our raffle prizes from our sponsors- Joomajam CDs (kid’s music performed by local artists), 3 Mamas & Papas potties (a well-loved UK brand), a Breeze Baby K’tan Baby Carrier and 2 Kahone Art boxes (arts and crafts in a box).
I won Joomajam CD! Yehey!
I won Joomajam CD! Yehey!

IMG_5300 IMG_5301 IMG_5307

Everybody will go home a winner! What is in our loot bags? So much that will make any mommy happy!
We have baby hangers and food keepers by KLIO, complete travel care set by Mustela, magazine from Celebrity Mom, Cloth Diaper/Wetbag by Babyleaf, goodies from Indigobaby, and lots of samples from Smart Steps and tiny Buds plus assorted GCs from our sponsors.
What's Inside The Loot Bag!
What’s Inside The Loot Bag!

IMG_5351 IMG_5347 IMG_5346 IMG_5344

IMG_5342 IMG_5341 IMG_5340 IMG_5318 IMG_5316 IMG_5313

Another Loot Bag inside The Loot Bag?!?

IMG_5350 IMG_5349IMG_5351

We’ve got a lot of brands available all in one roof during this day and we curated all of them for you. You can expect the Learning Basket to bring a lot of really nice hard-to-find books for babies and kids, Wonderworld and Fatty Brain Toys for exceptionally helpful learning toys, the must-have Plouch (play pouch) for on-the-go mommas, Grolier and the must try phenomenal Dermatoglyphics Fingerprint Multiple Intelligence Test by Encycligent.
Best of all, we will have a good time catching up with old friends and making new ones!
“Play Date Soon…” finally happened!



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