Lighting Up the Ceremonial Christmas Tree and Giant Parol at Resorts World Manila

It just November but I can ready feel the Christmas spirit. Christmas lights are already decorated in some houses. Some families already setting up their Christmas whether it is big or small.

As early as today we are buying gifts for our inaanak or loveones for Christmas day. Today, is like making it official that christmas is just aroung the corner by lightning up the Ceremonial Christmas Tree and Giant Parol at Resorts World Manila at 5pm of this 14th of November.


I have brought my 2 kids with me so they can enjoy the spirit of christmas. It was like singing “for the first time and forever there’ll be music, there’ll be light”. The organizers and staff of this event is very accommodating. Plenty of drinks were serve, there’s also food, christmas characters like Candy Cane, Gingerbread Man, Snowman, The Mine, The Juggler, and the one and only Santa Claus who has alot of candies and chocolates for everyone!

Ashley and Santa Claus
Me and Santa
Candy Cane and Ashley
Frosty The Snowman!
Ashley and The Gang!
Gingerbreadman and all the pretty girls! What a lucky Bread oh Man which is which?


Got this skate board from Ashley’s friend.. Cool!

The Giant Parol has over 2000 light bulbs and the Ceremonial Christmas Tree is 32 feet tall. It was like a party with dancing christmas lights dancers (sorry I forgot the name of the dance group).

IMG_5142 IMG_5160 IMG_5164

They played all the christmas songs that is really heart warming. Check this out..

At last, the wait is finally over, the lighting up of the Ceremonial Christmas Tree and Giant Parol is now on. Watching it lighting up feels like it’s already Christmas.

Ceremonial Christmas Tree Lights Up
Ceremonial Christmas Tree Lights Up

We stayed a little bit longer as my kids enjoyed the music, played with the mascots, and watch more of the dancing christmas lights dancer (what ever their group is I love them so much)!

This is the first time that I have attended this kind of event and the experience is superb. I have met other mommy bloggers. Met Ms. Lariza Garcia of (thank you for inviting me!) and Jamie Felix of and her daughter Tammy. Christmas is indeed in our hearts not just in the month of December.

Ashley and Tammy
Ashley and Tammy


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