My Furry Friendly Furby Boom from Toy Kingdom

Furby Furby Furby why so cute?

It was Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party when my daughter received a gift from Toy Kingdom for her special song number “Tomorrow” and “Isang Lahi”.

I never expect that it will be a Furby Boom. So generous of Toy Kingdom to give such an expensive toy. It feels like Christmas day on Halloween Party. Ashley and Kuya Boo were so excited to play with it.

Thank you so much Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I will practice more so I can sing again on our next party!
Thank you so much Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I will practice more so I can sing again on our next party!

Before we play it with we literally read the instructions first coz it is not like your ordinary stuff toy that you can toss and turn. It needs 4 AA battery to make it come alive (hehehe).

Furby is so cute that it responded when Ashley says “I love you” you can see through the eyes that it somehow “kinikilig” super adorable! We have tried playing music and we are shock that it really dances to the tune. Nice choreography! Furby was programmed to be the  best dancer and entertainer.

This is a video when we welcome Furby Boo (that’s his name given by Ashley) in our home.

The fun is not over till Furby becomes tired. What the! he really sleeps! and not just that, it also snores hahaha!

I am so curios on how much it is on store. So the next day we went to SM Mall of Asia to look for it. I was shocked with the price because it costs 4,499 php and Toy Kingdom just give this a gift for the winners in our costume contest and stage performers.

But don’t fret.. because Furby is on sale 🙂 how about 50% off the original price down to 2,000 php? You can get yours for that awesome low price. You may check it out at the nearest Toy Kingdom stores.

Some friendly reminder before buying one.  You may first check it out online at

Furby has a mind of its own and changes personality the more you play.

Thank you so much Toy Kingdom you are indeed the Amazing Toy Store! Please check em out in Facebook for more amazing toys for you, your friends, and the whole family.



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