The Mannequin Dance Fashion Show

Last October 11, 2014 at Ali Mall Cubao held a Fun Fashion Show for babies, kids, and teens. A fashion show differ from the others because the concept is showing off that being in simple dresses will bring out the elegance and grace to the models as they ramp on the stage looking like a mannequin. The fun and magic begins at the Mannequin Dance Fashion Show that was organize by Ms. Sherry Villanueva of Bridge Production and its sponsors.


Bridget Villanueva featured on this event also known as Martina of Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon . The daughter of Paulo Avelino and Maricar Reyes.
Bridget Villanueva featured on this event also known as Martina of Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon . The daughter of Paulo Avelino and Maricar Reyes.

The registration fee for this event is 2000 PHP which includes the following: photo shoot with well known photographers (Kiaroscuro Studio at 63 unit d maginhawa st UP vill qc.besides BPI. from philcoa ride green or red trike. just tell driver to drop you, maginhawa bpi bank).

Alyssa Ashley's Set Card
Alyssa Ashley’s Set Card

10708764_10205183543693298_2915353687753800852_o 10700410_10205183541973255_1819749831855686956_o 10682164_10205183540493218_5886686744293091323_o 10679812_10205183544133309_8514671180358646350_o 10572048_10205183544733324_6502059439778836769_o 1658427_10205183542813276_3501824310426710175_o 1410688_10205183543293288_4040975138155012795_o

Laine Donato ( Laine Donato Photography

Models will be having their own creative set card which they can be used for future casting calls. All raw and edited files on CD.

Set Card from Laine Donato
Set Card from Laine Donato

Sponsored Outfits from Rileyrayeish Mustloved (

Also from BabyMe, Little Miss, and Little Dime and many more!

Mhads party shop for the party needs.

Kids Salon, Photobooth and party needs by mhads party shop

Lovely hairbows and clips from Little Dime Boutique


The Mannequin Stage
The Mannequin Stage
Baby A Live Sam Tacurda
Baby A Live Sam Tacurda
Alyssa Ashley First Ever Stage Performance singing Tomorrow
Alyssa Ashley First Ever Stage Performance singing Tomorrow

Kids got to show off their talent by walking on stage with confidence. This will be a great opportunity for them as there are Talent Managers during the event. Certificate of participation to be given to each models and special prizes awaits the Best in Ramp in babies, kids, and teens categories.

Thank God Alyssa Ashley was awarded as the winner for Girls Kids Category for Best in Ramp.

You may check out her Ramp Modelling Style Video on this link:

1st Ramp: 1st Ramp Mannequin Event Shirt – Street Style

2nd Ramp: Mannequin Outfit Ramp – Masquerade Doll

3rd Ramp: My Favorite! Outfit by Rileyrayeish Mustloved

4th Ramp Create: Your Own Style Mannequin – Ramp Classy Style

As you can see this is not your just a Fashion Show, it is a fun filled event that kids and even their parents will surely enjoy. Although we say its a bit pricey but with this superb show and lots of giveaways. You get more than you have paid for plus a chance that your child will be discovered and be seen on TV or Print Ads.

Some says, paying for fashion shows is just wasting our money. That is a BIG NO! NO! why? this helps our child build self esteem and confidence. At first, they maybe afraid or shy to go up on stage but with the help our other parents and kids, they will surely get along. Making friends is the first step and when they see their friend walking up on the stage they will surely follow.

Another thing, we cannot promise that your child will be a star in an instant if you join any fashion show but we can guarantee you that they will be a happy and confident child at school or in your community. This kind of event boost up their self confidence and inner desire to be the best. So start them young as their “giftedness” should be develop into a higher level.

Before I forgot, I would like to thank all the mommies and kids who had been part of this event. Specially to Chanel Johnson Umandal who work hard to make this event possible. Thank you Ms. Sherry Villanueva and Baby Martina for this event.

The best of all, I found my becky friends (my true friends) because of joining fashion shows. Fame is not that important but Friendship does. #loveubeks #littlebeckydolls

Little Becky Dolls
Little Becky Dolls

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