First Ever Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party Full Blast!

The wait is over. The sleepless nights thinking what to wear and what to do plus a dose of Ashley’s song rehearsal is also over. The magic happened at Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party in Fun Ranch on October 18, 2014 at 2:00 PM.

Our things were pack in Kuya Boo’s trusty backpack then off we go. Registration starts at 1:00 PM. The ticket, loot bags, and food were given upon registration. The food is spaghetti, chicken, and fries although is not hot anymore it is still delicious :).


There’s also a contest for kids 🙂

Costume Contest : There will be 4 Categories
1. Best In Scary Costume (which kuya boo sign up wearing The Verdugo)
2. Best in Fantasy Costume (Ashley as the Tinker Bell Pirate Fairy)
3. Best in Hero Costume
4. Best in Other Themed Costume (Animals or those which won’t fit the other categories).

There’s parade on stage for the participants where each one will pose in front of the judges. Babies who are still unable to walk will be accompanied by the parents. There will be professional photographers who will be taking shots of the kids and the whole party.













Trick or Treat : There will be several booths where the kids will be lining up for treats. We brought our own cutest pails for the treats.

Free Taste! Freed Food! Free Bottle Drinks! Loads of Fun!

And what I am so excited for is to see my daughter Alyssa Ashley on stage singing her nakaka LSS song “Tomorrow” and “Isang Lahi”. I am so thankful that MBP gave her a special number at the party. This was her 2nd stage performance after the Mannequin Fashion Show in Ali Mall last Oct. 11, 2014. I am so proud to see my little girl up on stage and it was already her second time to perform at the age of 3 years old only.

IMG_4572Thank you Marie Bella-Sanluis 🙂 sa wakas may picture na rin kayo ni Ashley 🙂

But that’s not it. They have special prize for the kids who performed on stage as well as for the winners in the costume contest. So generous. I think that what I have paid for the ticket is way over what I got to take home as in parang nag grocery ako sa dami ng iniuwi ko di na kayang i commute sa dami pati si Ash nag bitbit na rin.

Furby Boom Prize for the Winners and Performers


Grocery? Freebies from our generous sponsor. sorry kulang kulang na kasi niluto ko na yun iba dyan.


Let’s not forget that RIDE ALL YOU CAN ticket is also include. Grabeee na itechie this is the most spectacular Halloween party I have attended. Mas masaya pa sa Christmas party sa sobrang dami ng gifts, lootbags, food, happiness overload no time for scaring!

I also met some mommy bloggers “in person” that inspire me so much for their dedication about parenthood.

Tita Denise of Bebengisms
Tita Denise of Bebengisms


Mommy Pehpot and her kids in Zombie Outfit
Mommy Pehpot and her kids in Zombie Outfit


 IMG_4520 IMG_4569 IMG_4568 IMG_4519 IMG_4558 IMG_4533 IMG_4525




Thank you so much Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I will practice more so I can sing again on our next party!
Thank you so much Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I will practice more so I can sing again on our next party!

The fun never ended because when we got home Ashley already open her gift and she loves it so much. Furby Boom is dancing and talking and keeps on talking. Too bad there is no off button so its either we ignore him so he will sleep or take off the battery.

And also this party would not be possible without our super moms 🙂

Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines, the seven-woman committee (Lani, Louisa, Jo, Joy, Lally, Marie, Angeli)

-Lani Lyutz -Joy Domingo Gurtiza -Louisa Mercado -Marie Bella-Sanluis -Angeli Ang Sen

And to all mommy bloggers and bagets who had attended this wonderful event, we thank you for appreciating my daughter for giving her a round of applause. Thank you and I am proud being one of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

Ash and Boo
Ash and Boo

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