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” Does Rio go to school?”

” Not yet. He’s only three.”  This has become my standard answer to that usual question we get from our friends and relatives. My reply has received mixed responses. Some take my answer as it is but there are a few friends who get so surprised and start to convince me to send my son to school.

” I am his teacher. We are into preschool homeschool.”

That’s it. The word homeschoolseems to attract  a lot of questions to anyone who hears it. How do you do it? Uso na ba talaga homeschooling sa Pilipinas? How will Rio learn to socialize with other kids his age? Di ba pang-artista lang ‘yan? 

A straightforward and simple “Bata pa si Rio.” reply may spare me long interrogations from our friends for now. But when Rio turns four next year, my husband and I will…

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