The Becoming a Stage Mom : Cif Story

How Cif Came into my Life

As a mom, I want to give my family the best of everything. I want them to be safe. Most important of all, I want to be able to give them a clean home. It was in June of last year when Cif was introduced to me during the Electrolux Event in the NBC Tent in BGC, where I won 2 Cif Cream bottles.






At Electrolux Event with Ash n Boo





At Electrolux Event with Ash



Me and Ash showing our Event passport






We recently moved to another apartment and it had a major problem: the tiles were filthy with brown colored residue stuck on each tile. I used bleach, hard scrubs, expensive cleansers but none of them worked. So I decided to use Cif. I poured an ample amount on a damp piece of cloth, lightly cleaned the tiles and then, voila! The hard to clean brown residue on the tiles disappeared with every wipe. I was so happy that I gave the other Cif bottle to my mom and she is also happy with the results. I have been using Cif for almost a year now. It is an incredible experience because I don’t need to put a lot of effort into cleaning.”






Ashley is so happy with our Clean and Germ-free Kitchen Sink





Becoming a Stage Mom

I am a mother of two adorable kids. I am call center agent by night and a hands-on-mom by day. I have a yaya with me but I do not want her to do all task that I should be doing as a mom. At first, we just started to join events for moms and kids, food, sports, anything that we can get freebies and made this as a weekend bonding moment with my kids. We also join online contests by passing cute pictures of my daughter, Alyssa Ashley Namilit, and fortunately won several awards. Until one day, a casting call changes our lives. Our little princess tells me that she wants to be a model. At first I don’t know where to go or whom to approach. Thanks to social media, I was able to get in touch to those moms who already have knowledge about showbiz business. It takes a lot of patience, practice, and open mindedness on this path that we are taking. Getting your kid into modeling or acting takes a lot of effort, time, and specially money. Good thing we have friends who is willing to sponsor for the expenses. There is one time that we need to go to different venues for the event. The term is “lagare ang araw” just to attend both events on the same day. Good thing I have a loving son who is very supportive to her baby sister. I learned that getting into modeling contest or showbiz is not a way to make money. Yes you will earn money but don’t get into thinking that you should push your child to buy the things you want.


Set Card with Descrp













Being in this kind of industry means to be witty, friendly, and understanding. You need to be easy to approach, presentable, and fun to be with (especially the parents) just you are the first person to be judge in every casting call. Because your child is young and you are the one who authorize what is good or bad for her. You are the person who is talking to the agency staff not your child. Dress your child that is appropriate for her age. Yes, I know it is fun to dress her up like a lady. So you need to be extra careful to the clothes you will buy for her to present in her VTR.


Lastly, I must accept that not all kids ended to be successful in this kind of business. I believe in my daughter’s talent and desire to be a model. If ever this happens to us, I know she can use it in her school activities. Her confidence and high self esteem will make her a successful person someday.

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