Easter Sunday 2013

“Serendra or SM MOA, kids where do you want to go?”
I am thinking going to Serendra because I have seen on FaceBook that the Easter Egg Hunting is Free unlike others you need to pay 500php for each kid. I am just being practical because we can spend that money for our lunch out. We settle for SM MOA because we are late for the registration on Serendra. I decided to bring some “baon” that we can “chi-cha” when we stay at the Seaside Boulevard. I cooked some hotdogs and Chicken Tortillas. I packed a loaf of bread, some cupcakes, piattos sour cream, and 2 liters of water. Then off to go with our snack pack and diaper bag.
We have our merienda at Chowking and got a free fortune cookie that I gave to Alyssa Ashley.
Fortune Cookie
Wow.. this fortune really suits our baby girl. I am sure she is doing it already.
We were about to go to seaside blvd. When I realized that I have a free photo at the the Picture Company for our anniversary as part of my membership. At first, I just wanted to select from our previous shots but I realized “why don’t we just have our family photo session?” since this is the first time our family is complete. We request for 7pm schedule. It’s 6:15pm we will just use the spare time to buy a pair of slippers for Allen Hale. Wow, 50% off on toeberries and Planet slipper in SM dept store. He chose an orange and black striped slipper with a cute small ghost design on the strap which is glow in the dark. I just paid 74.50php half the price of the original.
We head to Picture Company before our scheduled session. We had a great time doing all sorts of poses. My husband appreciates it alot now. I told him that this is what he paid for that he was complaining about the 2500php buy one take one membership a year ago.
After the photo session, I whispered to Richie that we had a cloth diapering emergency situation. Our little girl needs to go poopie. Another CD outside challenge. This time no sweat- I am used to it already.
It’s 9:30 pm already when we are on our way to the seaside blvd.  We passed by the Entertainment Hall and check out the activities. The good part is Admission is free.
Alyssa Ashley did some modelling 🙂
I decided to use my Starbucks GC and bought Mocha Frap Venti which I share with my husband and a little bit to the kids.
We sat on the bay platform with the kids lying their heads on my lap. Then, my husband brought Allen with him to watch the Cost Play Mimes on the other side of the bay area.
The cold wind makes me feel so sleepy. I just wanna lay down beside Alyssa Ashley but wait this is a public place we can’t do that we might lose our valuables.
Finally, we call it a day because it almost midnight when we got home. We prayed and give thanks to God for this very special day before we go to sleep.

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