Earth Hour 3.23.13

I only have 18 minutes left to prepare for the lights off. I am not yet done preparing the hamburgers and fries for our candle light dinner. Fortunately, I have finished our food 2 minutes before the earth hour.

We lit the candles that I bought 2 years ago for 50php at the sm mega mall warehouse sale. Finally, we found a good reason to use it because I was about to sell it on our 2nd Garage Sale on April. This is the first Earth Hour that we are complete as a Family. We have fun eating our dinner and our baby girl isn’t afraid of the dark. We took a lot of pitures with the flash. My son, Allen Hale, ask me “Mommy, why are we the only ones who turned the lights off? as he noticed that our neighbors have their lights on. I told him “It’s ok Boo, the good thing is that we participated on turning the lights of with the other families on other places.” I have answered him indirectly to avoid follow up questions, you know kids they are curios. After dinner, the kids brush their teeth and we realized that Alyssa Ashley’s tooth brush has built in lights (blue and red). It was so nice to see the alternating blu and red light of her tooth brush. We had a good laugh.
FireFly Toothbrush
Time flies so fast when you are having fun. The one hour lights off is almost over. We are about to go to bed to play shadow making. When my husband announces that 30 seconds to go then it’s over. I thought the kids will be upset because we will not be able to continue the shadow play, but they hurriedly get in front of the candles preparing to blow it when the Earth Hour is over. “Four, three, two, and one….Blow!”

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