Living La Diva Loca

One morning, I feel like I’m in a Fairytale world. My baby girl is singing beside me and I have no idea whatever song that is. I looked at her and then she laughs. Alyssa Ashley is just 20 months old and she loves watching Enchanted. I think she is copying “Giselle” because she is doing a familiar gesture just like in the movie. Her favorite move is raising her hands up and slowly putting it down on her side while saying “aaaah” in a kind of high pitch note. You know kids they love vocalization.

Sometimes she is asks me to put on her fairy dress and pretend that she is a princess. Alyssa just doing baby signs to let us know what she wants. She is still “bulol” at her age but you know what’s funny about her? She can say “Coke” fluently but never tasted it. If you are going to give her a glass of coke she will sign “No sa baby, mommy and daddy only”. Hahaha J

 She is so adorable wearing her pink dress and fancy fairy wings while she sings around the house. She even stands on our sofa, then sings, and laughs. There are also times that she just sits on our bed reading her favorite book “The wheels on the bus” and tapping her hand on the book to do the beep beep beep.

 “Hand over the microphone to Ashley, she is going to sing in the videoke!” We actually doing a duet in the videoke at home and it feel so good singing with her. “Mana sa Mommy magaling kumanta” as I gaze upon her and think to myself another Living La Diva Loca was born .

 Research proves that singing is a super-charged way of connecting to your baby. It has the element of human interaction that little ones crave and need for their cognitive, language, and emotional development.


Here’s a list of familiar children’s songs to get you started:


•You Are My Sunshine

•The ABCs

•Mary Had a Little Lamb

•Itsy Bitsy Spider

•I’m a LIttle Teapot

•Hush, Little Baby

•Twinkle, Twinkle LIttle Star

•Row, Row, Row Your Boat

•The Wheels on the Bus

 I also learned that singing is so important for your child and us because children derive great joy and satisfaction. Through singing children learn that music expresses their feelings and ideas. Singing creates a sense of togetherness. Singing is a comfort to children. It has the power to help your child go to sleep, and calm a child who is frightened, angry or frustrated. Singing banishes grumpiness, obstinacy and boredom! When you sing with a child it makes whatever you’re doing fun. A child will listen and pay attention to a song when he won’t pay attention to your words.


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