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Liza was on leave for the whole duration of her pregnancy, that she spent her time wisely by making pretty hair pieces for the princess in her tummy. Eventually, armed with a mommy fighting spirit and a capital of Php2,000, Saab and Meelo gradually gathered audience on April of last year — mommies who want to make their little ladies feel more special by Liza’s especially-handcrafted hair trinkets. What makes it really special about her creations, according to her, is no two designs are exactly the same so every little girl may own a unique design”. And who has that mantra of making her daughter a non-conformist of sorts? Moi! So I was really excited to see what Liza has made for my little popstar.

liz and saab

She was right, it was created in a way that she thinks of the child while on the process of putting the pieces, buttons and ribbons altogether. I told her that LB’s favorite color is pink, but she loves anything frilly and girly; thus the big glittery flower on one of the headbands.


I hope one day, Liza’s long-term goal of teaching craft-making to kids will be of reality. I will definitely let LB join (I will sit-in, too!). As a budding craft-maker, I will take each step to craft greatness carefully as Liza did. So if you’re a type of mom who wants all things special and unique for her daughter, you might want to check Saab and Meelo’s designs. Just as Liza says: “I promise to deliver quality, beautiful and well thought-of designs that every baby will be proud of wearing. I make each taking into mind that my own baby will be wearing it.”

While still deciding on what design you would ask from Saab and Meelo to do for you, you could join this simple giveaway here! SaM will be giving away three (3) especially-handmade hair clips to one lucky reader of Bebengisms, who has a Philippine shipping address that most couriers can reach. But wait! Since I’m practing my Martha Stewart-possesed hands into making hairbows and dainty clips, you will also receive a few pieces from my own creation. Let your baby use it ha, don’t just lose it! Haha! Please follow the instructions in my trusted friend Rafflecopter below. This giveaway will end April 10. I will contact the winner via email. Good luck and happy hump day! ♥
Saab and Meelo
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