Bebengisms inspired Potato and Cheese Omelet

Yesterday, I woke up very early in the morning just to check my FaceBook updates. I took my chances while hubby and the kids are sleeping. As I scrub the news feed I have seen Bebengisms’ post. I think to myself, I should make one of this Potato and Cheese Omelet for breakfast. So I read through her blog post at and I am inspired by her work. Her instructions is funny specially that making the omelet is challenging without a non stick pan. Well, it will be also challenging to me as I do not have one too!

That’s ok! What’s important is that you made it with E for effort.

To Bebengisms… As promised.. This Omelet is for you!

AshnBoo style!
AshnBoo style!








Alyssa Ashley eating her breakfast with Japan Pose!

Japan Japan!
















Thank you for a wonderful breakfast.



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