Free Parenting Talks at the BabyPalooza Bazaar 2013

We went to the Baby Palooza Bazaar 2013 last Saturday, February 16, 2013. I came from work that morning.
My husband and I just seen each other at Ortigas MRT Station with our baby girl. He
left kuya boo at home.

We ate breakfast at Mcdonalds in Farmers, Cubao before we ride a Train (LRT) going to Katipunan. Oh no! time flies so fast when you are having fun. We arrived 20 minutes late for the Seminar but we manage to cope up with the discussion. The conference room at the Ateneo is so cozy and baby friendly. The air condition is just right, plus there is a play area for toddlers, breastfeeding area, and diaper changing area. I love the set up of the diaper changing area in the corner of the room. There is this table with a rubber mat, alongside a basket with a toy to calm the baby while changing his nappy. A basket with powder, alcohol, plastic, and a case of baby wipes 🙂


At the breastfeeding area, there are 2 avaialble nursing pillows for moms so the can comfortably breastfeed their baby. My curios daughter went there and came back with 2 paper pinwheels and she loves it so much.


The speaker, Mariel, from the Learning Basket, discussed an enriching lectures about Childhood Happens Once (PLAY). Since, only few parents have attended and most of us came from southbound, she gave consideration and discuss the Childhood Happens Once (READ) for us too.


I have raised my concern to Mariel that if baby signing can delay speech. She said no. Actually it helps develop speech early by guiding them through sign language with voice coordination. This is a child second language. It is their ability or way to communicate to parents even before they started to speak. She also did this to her child but only a few signs and she does not have any problem as her child speaks in the right age.

Other moms were intrigue with my little girl doing the sign language. They ask how I teach my child to do it. I advised that we parents must learn the standard sign language and do not create your own. Do some research first and once you fully understand the concept of it. You will have the urge to teach your child to sign. Preferably you may teach your baby as early as 8 months when he started to focus and make an eye to eye contact. Your child will learn to copy your doings by showing this to him everyday. Start with an easy sign only, like “MILK” open and closing of your one hand. DO this everyday by showing a bottle of milk and doing the sign. Remember that you must be patient. Do these sign until he is comfortable with it. You will be surprised that after 2-3 weeks your baby will show you that he wants his milk.

Another dilemma struck me and it’s about how to stop my daughter from insisting me to read more even though we already finished 4 books in one session.

As a mom working on night shift and arrives home in the morning can be so tiring. Considering my 2 hours travel time back and forth plus long walks.

The discussion lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Childhood Happens Once (Play)
Tips on how to enrich playtime with your child.
Childhood Happens Once (Read) 
Ways on how to maximize reading sessions with your child.
Walter Hogan Conference Center, ADMU

About the Speaker:
Mariel is a homeschooling mom of two, U.S.-licensed Kindermusik educator, and advocate of the idea that “parents are their children’s first and best teacher.”  She is also a blogger and the owner of an online shop that specializes in developmental toys and pre-loved children’s books by the best authors and illustrators. She regularly gives talks on early childhood development and homeschooling preschool.

It was a very informative lecture for my husband and I. Well, traveling from Paranaque to Ateneo and with all effort?
It’s all worth it.



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