My First Blog: Early Thought

An hour ago I woke up with a rumbling stomach. My kids are fast asleep beside me and I was wondering if I should go back to sleep to take advantage of my day off from work tonight. While still lying in bed, I am thinking that there is some “Nilagang Baka” left from our dinner a few hours ago. I didn’t ate with them as a I totally knock out.

I decided to get up from bed and re heat my food. Then I open the computer and started to read some updates in Facebook. My sleepiness was gone as I enjoy joining some rafflecopter in Baby Palooza Bazaar that will be happening next weekend on

    • I am excited to go to this upcoming event. I’ve been a part of it on the first Palooza last year November 30, 2012 as one of the vendor named Ash ‘n Boo. I am a dealer of Smart Step Laundry Detergent Products, Cradles and Cycles, Bite Block, Brand new and Pre-loved baby stuffs and etc. We had a great time and did a pretty good sale. But off the record, we are also a buyer of other shops there. My husband bought almost new baby carrier and some preloved dresses for our baby girl. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that I am with my husband, son, and 2 of my office mates who shared booth with me. Not to mention how much I have spent for our transportation from Paranaque to Ateneo and back. I have paid 350php going to and 400php going back for our taxi. But no remorse because we had a pretty good deal. Thumbs up for my power “Tawad po” to the vendor. It was an unforgettable experience.
      Going back, It’s already Sunday at 5:10 AM. Later it will be a mom filled day!

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