Ozamiz is Ready For You! Are you Ready?


In line with the tourism development plan of the city, Ozamiz is now ready for all visitors joining the Familiarization Tour this coming October 28 and 29, 2016.

This is the 1st Familiarization Tour that the City Tourism Office in partnership of the city government is hosting. The event is entitled: “Discover Ozamiz; The Cultural, Historical and Pilgrimage Site of Misamis Occidental”; a 2-days event wherein the visitors are to be treated to a visual and taste experience that is truly Ozamiz in soul.

Come and visit the shrine that was acknowledged by Pope Francis as truly miraculous during his Philippine visit. Experience swimming in a spring sourced pool. Zoom along the recognized longest zipline in Asia located at the Hoyohoy Highland Adventure Park. See the beauty of Lala’s eco-park and the path to Cobra Falls. Come and see the different churches of the city and hear the majestic pipe organ of the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral.


Taste the soft torta of Ozamiz. Enjoy the flavor of laya, a known fish in the area of city. Taste the rich sour flavor of tabon-tabon as used in some dishes here in Ozamiz. Enjoy ramona with your tsokolate and kape. Love the crunch of kiping topped with latik sauce and the barbecued saba brushed with margarine and sprinkled with sugar.

This event is to be graced by the Assistant Secretary of Tourism, Frederick Alegre. With him are various media practitioners such as Business Mirror, Grid Magazine, Cook Magazine, Philippine Graphic and others. All of them shall enjoy the beauty of the place as planned and coordinated by The Big Difference Communications, a PR, Marketing and Events team, in coordination with the Tourism Office of Ozamiz and the City Government. This would be a fun-filled event of gastronomic proportions and Mother Nature’s allure.

Along with all those mentioned above is the unveiling of the future tourism image of the city as planned by Mr. Jaime Tomada, City Tourism Officer of Ozamiz. He, along with the other people behind this event, has personally chosen the places to visit to show as to why Ozamiz is a cultural, historical and pilgrimage site of Misamis Occidental. The food shall be catered by no other than Johann’s Cuisine, a business that will bring forth an activity center, a new bike center café and a bigger and better home for Johann’s Catering. Mr. Johann Dagandara, owner of Johann’s Cuisine, shall prepare dishes that may sound common but truly taste different because of the local ingredients that he plans to use. He also prepared a treat that shall also be revealed to the public during dinner time.

Ms. Jennifer Catherine Burwell, head of The Big Difference Communications, has truly made the coordination along with her team to make both days run smoothly as planned. Coordination with the invited guests was made possible by her team along with the set-up and designs on some locations to truly make things memorable and note-worthy. The Big Difference Communications is a PR, Marketing and Events team that is geared to truly make a difference in the way of doing things but delivering what is needed and desired. Truly making a difference is her trademark.

See the unknown beauty of Ozamiz in this 2-days event! Experience the start of the New Ozamiz this 2016. Be part of the planned changes and development in the months to come. Witness the unfolding of its beauty and be part of its history. Ozamiz is truly #Awezamiz!

Why Should We Celebrate Halloween Party The MBP Way?

The “Ber Months” has come and I couldn’t wait until our 2nd MBP Halloween Party!
Why am I so excited?
I am excited to see my mommy blogger friends and their kids.
I am excited to make my little girl’s halloween costume.
This year she requested to be Maddie Hatter or My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash.
Since the theme of our #mbphalloween2016 is Mad Hatter, Ashley chose to be Maddie Hatter the daughter of Mad Hatter in Ever After High.
I also made her a special hat. (I learn to do this by watching Youtube DIY mad hatter hat)
I am always fascinated about Halloween Party. I love to see kids in their cute costume holding their pumpkin pail and asking everyone “trick or treat?”. Oh you have to be ready with those candies you dont want to be tricked with these kids. Either way you will submit to them because you will fall for their cuteness in costume.
This Halloween, Mommy Bloggers Philippines celebrated their Trick or Treating at The Mind Musuem. What I love about “Halloween Party the MBP way” is that these mommy bloggers always give their best to make the event  a fun filled day.
Look at our eye catching balloon facade. Amazing isn’t?
This is made by Okasyon Filipinas.
The event is hosted by our hard working and dedicated Mommy Bloggers Philippines Admins
Louisa Mercado, Lani Lyutz, and Joy Gurtiza.
A very special presentation from the kids of MBP admins as they dance to the tune of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.
I am so happy to be with my blogger friends and their kids on their halloween costumes.
Reylen Castro of Made It Through Mom as the Mother Mad Hatter, Ashley Namilit as Maddie the daughter of Mad Hatter. Rylee as Princess Aurora, Yssa as Sulley of Monsters Inc. and The Mad Hatter Himself.
We also enjoy taking our halloween wacky shots at Peekabooth.
There are alot of freebies, raffles, and major prizes for the best Halloween Costume for boy and girl and for the special hat.
Ashley and I, participated and had alot of fun during the contest. We would like to congratulate all the winners in this event.
Luckily, I won a Monster High Hair Braider for Ashley. She is very happy with what we have received.
Thank you Rich Prime for the Halloween Toy Prizes you never fail to make kids smile eventhough it is not Christmas yet. So generous in giving toys to kids and kids at heart.
We have given light lunch by Mekeni Picnic Hotdog. And honestly speaking I had eaten 4 Jumbo Hotdogs because it was so delicious.
Then the best part of the Halloween Party has come which is the Trick or Treat Time for Mommies and Kids!
I would like to thank all the sponsors for giving us alot of products that we can try and share to our friends and family.
 The party doesn’t end without groupy shots…
We would like to thank our Mommy Bloggers Philippines Admins for making this Halloween 2016 happen.
Thank you The Mind Museum for makinv our 2nd Halloween Venue and for the All The Pass for free!
I think you know why we should celebrate our Halloween the MBP way!
Till next Halloween Trick or Treat!
“Happy Halloween To All”
The Mind Museum
Tupperware Tupperware products https://goo.gl/qK3sRt
Baby products
Okasyon Filipinas (Balloon décor) https://www.facebook.com/okasyonfilipinas
Stuffink (MBP keychains) https://www.facebook.com/mareelaiza
Glass of Sweets: Desserts and Treats (dessert table) for reference to product: https://goo.gl/U9GiFYhttps://www.facebook.com/glassofsweets/
Recipe Co (themed cake and cupcakes by stage) https://www.facebook.com/Recipe-Co-1520078788275118/

Work of Love (demented cupcakes in dome containers) https://www.facebook.com/workoflove1/?ref=br_rs&qsefr=1

A Daily Dose of Energy with Nutri 10plus for School Ready Kids

Is your child ready for school? Do they have enough energy to make it through their day?
What should moms do to help them get the full energy and the right nutrients they need but still on a budget?
I have two children. Kuya Allen, a pre- teen, and Ashley, a preschooler. They have different activities everyday. But how can I keep them stay healthy and energetic everyday.
The needs of a teenager is totally different from the needs of a preschooler. So, do I need different kinds of vitamins for them? Oh no! That would be an extra cost on my budget.
Frown not mommies, because I have found a solution to this.
NUTRI 10 PLUS Syrup 
(Sports Active Formula)
It is a food supplement that helps promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth & enhance brain development.
Syrup Children 1 to 9 yrs: 2.5 mL; 10 to 12 yrs: 5 mL daily.
May be taken with or without food: May be taken w/ meals for better absorption or if GI discomfort occurs.
Nutri 10 Plus 120 mL x 1’s (P160.00/bottle)
250 mL x 1’s (P290.00/bottle)
Problem solve as I have found Nutri10 Plus for Ashley and Allen’s daily dose of energy they need for school ready kids.
Ashley is ready for school because of Nutri10 Plus with yummy ponkan flavor that she really like.
Thank you Nutri10 Plus!
Try Nutri10Plus Syrup for your kids too! Dahil Aktibo’t Malakas and batang Nutri10Plus!
Available in all leading drugstores nationwide.
For more information and updates just go to Wert Philippines on Facebook.

Mommy Milkshare Event Set to Benefit Fabella Milk Bank



It’s a well-known fact that breastfeeding is best for babies. The World Health Organization states why it is so on their website, and also emphasizes that breastfeeding benefits the mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies.


The reality is, though, that some mothers might not be able to breastfeed their children immediately after birth for legitimate medical reasons. There are also babies whose mothers may have passed away yet still need to be nourished with breastmilk.


In cases like these, milk donations or milksharing are usually the solution. It should be noted, though, that donor milk should be screened as much as possible, to ensure that it is safe and clean for the babies who will receive it.


If you’re a breastfeeding mom, or a mom who believes in the importance of breastfeeding, you will probably also consider milksharing or donating one’s breastmilk to be a noble endeavor. Here in the Philippines, human milk banks are actually always in need of breastmilk donations, so it is good to be aware of efforts to collect human milk – like the upcoming “Mommy Milkshare” event organized by The Parenting Emporium and Honeysuckle Philippines (which is actually on its second run; the first run was held in September last year.)


Scheduled for August 13, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Parenting Emporium (No. 29, 1st Street, New Manila, QC), breastfeeding mothers are invited to donate their excess breastmilk for the benefit of Fabella Human Milk Bank. Donors can choose to bring frozen breastmilk (must be expressed between June to August 2016) or express milk onsite.


In gratitude to the generous milk donors, VPharma’s Mega Malunggay, Mommy Treats, and Honeysuckle – brands that support milksharing – will be giving discounts on select items. Mommy Milkshare participants will also receive loot bags as a “bonus” for their kindness, which is why they are also asked to register for the event via 0917-8110821.


So, if you are a breastfeeding mom who wants to share her “milky blessings,” head on over to The Parenting Emporium this Saturday! Your efforts and kindness will help many babies who are supported by Fabella Human Milk Bank.


Note: If you want to donate breastmilk but can’t come to Mommy Milkshare, you may contact Nurse Katrina of The Parenting Emporium at 7253723 or 7386272, and ask how to donate to the TPE Milksharing Hub.

Robert Laurel Yupangco for Asia HR Expo 2016



When it comes to handling and recruiting people, Mr. Robert Laurel Yupangco of Yupangco Group of Companies is the expert with manpower distribution to his 6 theme parks, 4 restaurants, more than 100 branches of Yamaha Music School, Finance company and more.

On September 16, 2016 at SMX Convention Center, Taguig from 8:30AM to 6PM, the first conference to discuss the “Digital Talent Acquisition” will be here under Asia HR Expo 2016 brought to us by TAG Media and Public Relations with the objective to promote the Philippines as the premier business hub in ASEAN region and beyond.

Mr. Robert Yupangco will be in a panel discussion and round table discussion along with leaders such as the country head of monster.com, Assistant Vice President for Recruitment of Teledevelopment, Vice President of Concepcion Carriers, Country Head of Bestjobs and many more.

Theme Parks under Yupangco Group is under Zoomanity Group which is composed of Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales, Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Pampanga, Residence Inn in Tagaytay City, Cavite, Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Zoocolate Thrills in Loboc, Bohol, Nanten Japanese Restaurant inside Manila Polo Club, Makati, Misono Japanese Restaurant in Bel Air, Makati and more.

TAG Media and Public Relations is the marketing arm of Zoomanity Group. For details, contact grace@tagmedia.asia. You can check more about Zoomanity Group via their website: http://www.zoomanity.com.ph

#TAGmedia #ZoomanityGroup

Ashley’s Birthday Staycation at The Belmont Hotel


20160720_171002My daughter Alyssa Ashley Namilit just turned 5 last July 20, 2016 and we have recently celebrated her birthday at Belmont Hotel.


At Belmont Hotel Manila, you’re right at the heart of enjoyment, entertainment, and relaxation, with the bustling Pasay City as your backdrop.

Located within the vibrant Newport City and adjacent to the Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), this 4-star hotel is the perfect point for her birthday celebration to relax after a hectic week.

A month before her birthday I gave her options for her celebration. She chose to have a staycation just like what we did with her brother’s birthday which we have stayed at Ace Hotel and Suites last week.

And very timely, her ninong has a unit at Belmont Hotel and he offered this as a birthday gift for Ashley. Being a unit owner, he has 30 nights stay priviledge.

The regular rate per night at Belmont Hotel is P4,480 net only (hotel tax is not yet included) for the superior room. However, if you wanted to make a reservation he is offering it for much lower fixed rate. You must book 2-3 weeks in advance prior to check in date for availability and validation. A refundable deposit of P2,000 should be paid at the hotel as a bond for any incidentals during the stay. You may claim it in full upon check out.

The hotel receptionists are pretty and accommodating. The hotel lobby is quite small and lack of seats for the guests. I hope they might do something about this next time as they just on their soft opening stage.


The place is nice and cozy. Simple yet somehow inviting, I mean it is pleasing to the eyes.


Then there is the Cafe Belmont at the left side of the hotel desk. Their buffet rate is 900. I haven’t tried it since we have already booked a dinner buffet at Maxim’s for only 400 pesos and below 5 years old is free of charge. (Pictures and other details posted at the bottom of the blog post).

Our room is at the right corner 2nd floor.

Hotel Key Card
Photo grabbed at Belmont Hotel Website

This is our actual room and it is simple yet relaxing.


We just stay for a while to give Ashley my another birthday gift. Can you guess what it is? It is soft and smells sweet cupcakes.

FB Link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1408129309213771&id=100000501455125


Then we went to the rooftop for a nice swim at their swimming pool.

Photo Grabbed at Belmont website: Night Scene


The pool is quite small but not crowded. It think most of the guests here prefer to go to Casino as it is just walking distance from the hotel. Well its a good thing because we can swim freely.

On her way to the roof top
Adult pool and jacuzzi on the right back corner.
Kiddie Pool. Can you see the green light? That is the pool heater.


What I like about their swimming pool is it has heater. And that is what I am looking for as Ashley easily gets cold. Most outdoor swimming pools that I have tried were cold through out the day and no heaters available. That is why we are happy with Ace Hotel and Suites at first because Ashley can swim for as long as 4 hours. Now she really did enjoy swimming at Belmont at anytime of the day. So to all parents whose kids that are easily get cold, I highly recommend this hotel because their pool has heater.

There are 2 life guards at the mini bar. I think they are also the bartenders. Outside food and drinks are allowed. You can order at the counter you if want. You may also borrow kick board for the kids. And towels are also available. The CR is ok they have 3 cubicles and 3 shower rooms.

Then at dinner, we were assisted by my landlady who has a contact with Maxim’s. She we bought 2 dinner buffet vouchers that costs P400 each. Ashley is still free of charge. Dinner buffet normally cost P1,200 and available from 6pm to 10pm at Maxim’s 5th floor Resorts World Manila.

This year we get to celebrate their birthdays intimately. I find it so relaxing and I am craving for more of this. I am so happy my children chose to have a birthday staycation because I can spend my time with them just relaxing.

So if you want to spend your special day or just wanted to have a break on your busy week. I recommend to book at The Belmont hotel. (You may contact me if you want to avail of the special rate).

For more information about The Belmont Hotel you may visit their website: www.belmonthotelmanila.com

FB: https://m.facebook.com/BelmontHotelsAndResorts/

Belmont Hotel Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City
Pasay City, 1309

Phone Number: +632-3188888
Email: info.manila@thebelmonthotels.com
For room reservations:reservations.manila@thebelmonthotels.com
For restaurant reservations:fnb.reservations@thebelmonthotels.com

Ballet First Position: The Halili Cruz School of Ballet Bloggers Conference


What comes to your mind when you heard the word ballet? Do you think of pink tutu dresses, ballet flat shoes, fine young ladies dancing gracefully in a classical music?

Do you once dream to be a ballerina? Or you wish that your little girl to become one?


What does Ballet means and what is it all about?

Ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body. It is theatrical performed on a stage to an audience utilizing costumes, scenic design and lighting. It can tell a story or express a thought or emotion. An artistic dance full of emotions and passion.

When I was in Elementary at Santa Isabel College, they taught us ballet positions during P.E. Class. They did that to teach us proper posture and discipline. It was part of our fundamental exercise.

On July 18, 2016  The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet and TAG Media invited Bloggers for their first Bloggers Conference held at their main studio in Quezon Avenue.


Members of Media and Bloggers with The Associate Artistic Directors Grace Garalde-Perez and Anna Kathrina Halili-Cruz Bueno.

This conference is beneficial for me as I am looking forward to continue my daughter’s ballet lesson.

She took ballet lesson last year as a summer workshop. But this year she tried Baby Hiphop. I can see that she really loves dancing but I need to find out what suits her best and be constant with it. And offcourse, considering what her heart truly wants.

This conference is very timely, because I have a chance to know more about other ballet school first before I decide to enroll my child.

When looking for a ballet school you must first consider the

1. Foundation

artistic team

Shirley Halili Cruz’s inspiration to endeavor into dance education began as early as when she was 15 years old, when her ballet teacher Bonnie Weinstein Clalagopi entrusted to her the dance classes that Ms. Clalagopi was handling. She taught ballet, Polynesian and Jazz in Siena College, St. Paul College and Angelicum School, Quezon City in 1974. From then on, she has taken the career path as a ballerina and as an educator.
The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet (HSCB) was established in 1985 to realize Shirley’s dream to share her love and passion for dance. The school was born of her conviction that in every child lies a bud of artistic sense that may blossom into a great and exquisite artistry. HCSB opened with 46 students but is now a talents galore about a thousand promising dance aspirants.
2. Location and The School Structure
HCSB Building Facade
The HCSB main studio is housed in an imposing two-storey edifice of modern architecture located at 1227 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. It has 4 spacious studios (3 of which are fully air-conditioned) equipped with ideal barres, resilient wooden floors, full-length mirrors and audio systems, dressing rooms, rest and shower rooms, waiting area, ample parking space and canteen.  It also has a dance shop that carries all dance items and a costume room.  The school has a good collection of classical music and videos of classical dances.

School QuadrangleStudio 1studio 5

What I like about it is that it was easy to find. Indeed accessible to public transportation. Although I am from Villamor Air Base, Pasay City it is convenient for us to travel going to HCSB and back.

1. I may ride a train at MRT Taft then get off to Quezon Avenue Station and ride a jeep going to Fishermall. The school is easy to spot because it is located along the Quezon Avenue just tell the driver to drop you off Halili.
2. I may ride a shuttle service at Resorts World going to Mcdonalds Panay QC. Then jeep going to Fishermall. (You need to be a RW Membership Card Holder to be able to use the service. I have save 56 pesos back and forth).


This is very important for us parents and specially to our children. A free trial with an actual lesson will help us parents to check our child’s level of interest, the number of students in a class, the relationship of the teachers to their students, the lessons, and will our they enjoy and gain from it.

I am the type of parent that is “Segurista” I want to make sure the worth of what I paid for. I want to check first if this school and the lesson suit for her. Especially for those parents who let their kids to join ballet class as early as 3 years old.

Check out their free lesson with HCSB Ballet Baby 2.

In Ashley’s previous school they did not offer a free trial or assessment. They just depend on the age of the child. Once you interested you need to pay the workshop fee in full. So if your child doesn’t want to participate or go to class anymore you cannot get a refund.

That’s the good thing about free trial and once they give it to you no string attached.


In order to provide an appropriate and comprehensive program, Shirley Halili-Cruz, the school’s director and founder authored a 2 level Tiny Tots Syllabus, 5 level Baby Ballet Syllabus and a 12 level Classical Ballet Syllabus based on the Filipino physique, innate artistic ability and culture.

The syllabi cover the different levels of ballet which the HCSB offers all year round.  Aside from the syllabi authored by Shirley, the school enhances its program by letting its faculty and students attend different local and international dance workshops, festivals and competitions. They also developed a systematic promotion procedure that checks the progress of the students through semi-annual oral and written examination coupled with actual evaluation in both theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline.

Teen Ballet Beginners 13-16 yrs old
Pre Ballet Beginners 7-12 yrs old
Baby Ballet 1 Beginners 5-6 yrs old
Tiny Tots 1 Beginners 3-4 yrs old
Adult Ballet Beginners 17 – 60 yrs old
Classical Balley
Beginners Ballet
Mastering & Sharing the Craft they try to give back by giving workshops to schools and local government units


Spectacular Event Performances


4. Teachers are Highly Properly Trained.

The good thing about HCSB is that they are staffed by competent teachers who are all one with the director in the vision to equip its student with tools and rudiments of the art uphold excellence in dance training.


Consistency. Your child will be taught by the same teacher every session since day 1. This build trust and comfort between the teacher and student. Just like a second home in which the relationship is like a family.


Since this is a school not just a summer workshop for kids. It is best to get to know the Directors and Teachers.


Artistic Team:

Artistic Director: Shirley Halili-Cruz
Senior Ballet Teachers: Grace Garalde-Perez
Anna Lissa Tuazon-Balmadrid
Anna Kathrina Halili-Cruz


Junior Ballet Teachers: Marie Antoinette de Guzman
Gabrielle Alexis Quinto
Anna Franchesca Cabreza
Julia Camile Mazo

5. Ballet School List of Accomplishment and Awards.

You can tell the quality of a ballet school from its “Output” or performances and achievements of the students.

All of the ballerinas dance gracefully and dedication.

And right before my very eyes I saw how beautiful they’ve dance. Even in just a small live conference each and every ballerinas dance majestically.

Here is a video clip of their live performance:

The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet has garnered more than 300 national and international awards and prizes, among them are:

  • Hall of Fame,  Aliw Award  as Best Classical Dance Company in the Philippines
  • 8- time Ani ng Dangal Awardee for its international achievements
  • People’s Choice as the Most Outstanding Performing Group
  • Grand Prize Winner in the Asia Pacific Dance Competition in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines
  • Grand Prize Winner in the 21st Century International Dance and Arts Festival and Competition in Genting Highlands, Malaysia
  • First Prize in the Dance Excellence in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Global Excellence Award in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Best Performance in classical and contemporary dance in the Bauhinia Cup International Dance Competition in Hongkong
  • Global Pinoy Award


6. Reviews, Feedbacks, Based on Experiences.

We are very lucky that we are already in the advance computer age. That everything you need to know is just a click of a button. You don’t need to go to places and ask people personally about their views and experiences. Today, social media gives us vast information. There are blogs, articles, Facebook reviews, and testimonies on HCSB website.

Well, I am just lucky that one of the bloggers at the conference has been their student and that is Armi Paz Pineda. She shared to us her wonderful experience at HCSB and how she strive on her own just to enroll and pursue her passion in Ballet.

She advise us to start young and she can see that my daughter will be a ballerina someday.

7. Ballet Uniforms, Class Schedule and Tuition Fees.

We must bear in mind that high quality education and dance classes like this doesn’t come cheap. However, I must say that HCSB is affordable or let me say “Sulit ang ibabayad mo”.

Look at the uniforms and the quality of the fabric. The designs are unique and oh so cute!

Baby Ballet 1 Set (tutu with skirt, leotards, ballet shoes) costs 2650
Cutesie Baby Ballet Uniforms

 Tuition Fee

For Beginners 5-6 years old


Once a week 8500 per sem

2-3 a week 9500 per sem

Registration fee is 600

It is so affordable unlike other ballet schools they offer 8 sessions twice a week for P3500 or higher.

I am definitely going to enroll Ashley in this school. But wait there’s more…

We, mommy bloggers also got to tried their special ballet lesson. Check out our video courtesy of my daughter, Alyssa Ashley.

Oh my, I thought ballet is easy. Because when I look at my daughter doing body stretching she still got a smile on her face. But I need to do this so that my daughter has something to look forward to. That her mommy isn’t afraid or shy to try anything. Just do it and do it with all your heart.

Thank you and I salute my fellow mommy bloggers who have stretched those hard-earned baby fats with me 😜.

And tears almost fall down 😢 when I heard my little girl said in the video”My mommy is really good”. I love it when my daughter is very proud of me and that she appreciates me a lot. Thank you again HCSB for giving me this opportunity.

My eyes got bigger and my heart is jumping for joy when they gave us free one month ballet class as a token for celebrating their 30 years of Excellence.

Thank you so much Halili Cruz School of Ballet for being so generous it was a perfect birthday gift for my daughter 2 days after the conference.


And this year, Halili Cruz School of Ballet is ready to show their excellence. The competition will take place at the Sands Casino Theater in Macau on August 18 – 21, 2016.


Starting Young In Good Hands

Enroll now. Help your kid excel and realize their passion with Halili Cruz School of Ballet.

Business Address:          

Main Studio

1227 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City Philippines 1100


St. Pedro Poveda College, Quezon City

Miriam College, Quezon City

St. Mary’s College, Quezon City

Ayala Alabang Country Club, Muntinlupa

For more details, visit their website and social networking sites:

Website:  http://halilicruzballet.com/
FB page: Halili Cruz FB page

Instagram: @halilicruzballet

Email Address: halilicruzballet@gmail.com


Halili- Cruz School of Ballet: 30 Years of Artistic Excellence


Halili- Cruz School of Ballet: 30 Years of Artistic Excellence

Ballet originated in the 15th Century Italian Renaissance Courts and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. It has been globally influential and has been the foundation of other dance genres.

The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet (HCSB) has been considered as one of the best ballet schools in the Philippines. It has been awarded as the “Most Outstanding Ballet School in Asia” from 2000 to the present. The school has successfully represented the Philippines in different international festivals and competitions in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Brunei, South Korea, Russia, England and the USA.


The main studio is located at 1227 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines that houses 5 studios with a total dance floor of 550 square meters and a vast quadrangle where kids and parents can hang out. HCSB has branches at Saint Pedro Poveda College, Miriam College, Saint Mary’s College and Alabang Country Club.

The achievements of the Halili-Cruz School of Ballet is under the leadership of its founder, multi-awarded Artistic Director, Shirley Halili-Cruz, together with the strong support of its equally outstanding Associate Artistic Directors, Grace Garalde-Perez, Anna Kathrina Halili Cruz-Bueno.

To date the Halili-Cruz School of Ballet has garnered more than 300 national and international awards and prizes, among them are:

· Hall of Fame, Aliw Award as Best Classical Dance Company in the Philippines

· 8- time Ani ng Dangal Awardee for its international achievements

· People’s Choice as the Most Outstanding Performing Group

· Grand Prize Winner in the Asia Pacific Dance Competition in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines

· Grand Prize Winner in the 21st Century International Dance and Arts Festival and Competition in Genting Highlands, Malaysia

· First Prize in the Dance Excellence in Los Angeles, California, USA

· Global Excellence Award in Bangkok, Thailand

· Best Performance in classical and contemporary dance in the Bauhinia Cup International Dance Competition in Hongkong

· Global Pinoy Award

Becoming a ballet dancer requires years of proper training. What better way to have this education but through Halili-Cruz School of Ballet.

For more information, you may contact; 09178880102, 3724607, 4130804. Email: halilicruzballet@gmail.com, instagram: halilicruzballet, facebook: halilicruzballet, website: http://www.halilicruzballet.com

Jurong Bird Park celebrates 45 years of living colours

(Infographic) Jurong Bird Park 45th anniversary

Charming visitors all over the world since taking flight in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is one of the most renowned bird sanctuaries with some of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world.

Situated on a 20.2-hectare hillside, the award-winning park is a haven for 5,000 birds representing 400 of the world’s bird species of which 15% are threatened. The bird park is famed for its large and immersive walk-in aviaries such as Lory Loft (the world’s largest walk-in lory flight aviary) and Waterfall Aviary (home to the world’s tallest waterfall inside an aviary).

As Asia’s largest bird paradise, the park receives over 800,000 visitors annually and has played host to several foreign dignitaries. They include Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, who left impressed by the park’s amazing avian collection.

Attached is an infographic which gives an overview to the exciting experiences one can look forward to when visiting the park. It highlights exclusive attractions designed for an intimate visitor experience, milestones, as well as the park’s achievements in avian conservation.

(Infographic) Jurong Bird Park 45th anniversary.jpg

Jurong Bird Park is part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the holding company of other award-winning attractions—Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo. To find out more, visit www.birdpark.com.sg or www.wrs.com.sg